SPRING CLEAN WITH ME | Creating a fresh + tidy space! ?

Hello friends welcome to my ultimate spring cleaning video I am really excited to be sharing this with you all if you’ve been watching my channel for a while you know that creating a clean and cozy, space is, so important to me and maintaining that really Does take a lot of work and it can, feel overwhelming, especially. If you live a busy life like I do.

I know we all are busy in our own way, so, I hope this spring cleaning routine provides some inspiration in tips on how to maintain? And clean your space, so I created a list no surprise here of everything that I want to clean today and if you are new to my channel, it’s just me and my husband Brandon and we live in a one bedroom, one bath apartment.

So thankfully, my cleaning routine doesn’t take too terribly long because we do live in a smaller space and it’s just us two and he is very tidy himself.

So he doesn’t create a big mess, which I very much appreciate.

And since we do live together, we also split up the cleaning responsibilities, so typically Brandon will clean at the shower for us and also the toilet.

So I love that for me.

I don’t need to touch the toilet, so I’m not gon na.

Be cleaning those sections, but I’m really excited so let’s just get right into it.

Okay, my first order of business is to tidy up this section of our bedroom because I’ve just been plopping a bunch of clothes here and I’m.

Not gon na do a whole closet clean out today or anything of that sort. But I just need to get these out of the way, so I’m able to vacuum and clean our carpets whenever I have a cleaning day.

I just like to list out all of my priorities and just little reminders of things that I don’t want to forget to clean, and this also really motivates me because, as I clean, I cross things off, which is just so incredibly satisfying much much much Better, except as I was filming this, I noticed that these shoes are like the opposite way and that’s, how specific and extreme I am getting today.

I want this place to be as pristine as possible.

Perfect now we are all symmetrical.

You get okay.

Now I’m going to start dusting and I do have a duster, but some surfaces, I don’t really use a duster.

I just use a microfiber cloth or if it’s, really really bad.

I’ll just use a paper towel and then sweep it all up and throw it away, but thankfully most services – I can just use this microfiber and I have these two multi purpose sprays.

So after I get all the dust off, I spray on the spray and just wipe it down, so it’s all fresh and clean both of these smell so delicious.

We’ve had this one for awhile, it’s lavender and argan oil, and then we just got this one today from Target. It is citrus and basil scent.

So I personally love having products like this that kind of make cleaning extra fun, because I kind of get multipurpose cleaners to blend with whatever season it is so in fall.

I had an apple cider, scented one and in winter I had a pine one, and now we have the floral and citrus ones.


I always make sure to dust and wipe down my surfaces before I start vacuuming and mopping because, as you start dusting and wiping things down, things will fall on the floor.

It’s just inevitable, so it just makes the most sense to vacuum of it, the door handles and our lights, which is just an example of something that I usually don’t clean every week or even every month, at all it’s kind of Just like a season kind of thing, so that’s why this spring cleaning day is a little more intense, because I’m really focusing on the little details and things that I don’t usually spend time cleaning.

Another thing are our baseboards again.

I usually neglect the hiss all year round, except when it comes to spring and when I really go in depth so here, where I’m about to show you something really disgusting, but also kind of satisfying yech a quick cleaning break.

So I can tell you about care of if you’ve been watching my channel for a while.

You know that I absolutely love carob and I’m, so excited to be partnering with them for this portion of today,’s video. So I can share a little bit about what they do, so I’ve been using them for years.

They make it so convenient for you to prioritize your health and make sure that you are incorporating even just a little moment of self care throughout your day by taking a vitamin pack.

So let me show you my pack.

First of all, this is the dispenser that my vitamins come in.

How cute are they and I love how each one has a little quo or a fun fact? They are focused on the quality, science and research that goes into each of their products.

For example, their fish oil vitamins are made from wild alaskan salmon and they source all of their ingredients from the best places possible.

So if you’re kind of unsure of where you even need to start when it comes to taking vitamins, carob has actually created a quiz that only takes about five minutes, and you’ll just answer questions on your diet and just life and what you Think you could improve on in regards to your health and body and then based on that quiz Cara will provide recommendations specifically for your needs and goals.

And then, once you have your vitamin recommendations, they ship it right to your door and it’s as easy.

As that, and while I’m showing off my packs, I did want to mention that carob is also focusing on quality and sustainability and each of carobs packs use compostable films, so they are eco friendly.

So if you’d like to and get started, you can take the quiz to see what vitamins and recommendations carob has for you and best of all, you can get 50 off your first order with my code, Allison 50. Let this serve as your reminder to not forget to clean the top of your doors.

Oh boy watch this.

I can’t reach their duty with one hand there you have it dust, city, people, dust City, oK, we’ve, wiped down and dusted everywhere in the bedroom.

So now I am just going to head over to the restroom and start tackling that.

It’s, probably my least favorite spot to clean, but it’s.

Okay, we got this.

We can do it.

We’re in it together and again.

I’m gon na vacuum.

Everything at the end and do my little carpet cleaner, so the bedroom isn’t fully complete, but most of it something really gross is how dirty two brush holders can get. So I’m actually gon na empty.

My now, I just cleaned it.

A few weeks ago, but I noticed it’s already getting some yucky stuff at the bottom.

It’s just when the water kind of trinkles down some grody stuff can start growing down there.

So make sure you don’t forget to clean that.

Okay, so to clean the inside of this, I just put some water and some multi purpose spray, and this is an old toothbrush.

It is not one of the ones I’ve just pulled out of it, and I am just kind of like scrubbing it around.

In there and making sure it’s all fresh, this is what we used to clean our glass cooktop, if you’ve ever gotten anything stuck on here, which is really easy to do highly recommend this product, and this is the same brand as the previous Product, but this is what we use for our stainless steel appliances, this isn,’t technically cleaning by a favorite way for you to just make our home feel really fresh.

This time of year is having fresh flowers.

Of course, I just bought these the other day and they are so precious there’s, some pink tulips and some baby’s breath such a sweet combo, but real, quick. I’m gon na change the water and give them a little trim so that they can stay fresh and healthy for a little bit longer.

I’m not sure how true this is, but I did read somewhere that if you put a copper penny which all pennies are copper into your flower vase, it helps preserve them.

Something with the copper helps keep them fresh longer again, I’m not totally sure about it, but I try to do it when I remember because anything to prolong the life of my flowers.

I will do that good yeah.

You you take a marker to make a bed yeah you making me wan na try forever.

I feel so free! Oh, my sweet baby, long duster is key.

It expands so much and really helps you reach those tall pleases that are tricky, especially if you’re a little short like.

I am also once your duster starts to get really dirty before you switch it out.

You can suck up some of the dust with your vacuum with your little this little part of your vacuum, so that way you don’t have to switch it out all the time yeah to make me Lord at Radford, so clean the toilets.

Whenever I ask you to such a good anything husband of the air victim massage one thing I recently got, that is just making me so happy. Is this essential oil diffuser and I’ve been putting just some water and lemon essential oil in it, and I just love the way it creates this just spall like atmosphere in our apartment, I’ll turn it on and show you guys see.

I think I need to add more water in it actually, but you can start to see this.

I guess it’s, not steam, but it’s, diffusing the water and I put lemon essential oil because it apparently helps eliminate some germs in the air.

So that is just a win win.

Also, you can change the life and you can do a setting where there’s no light as well, so that’s pretty cool.

You can customize it.

Alright friends I’m starting to run out of energy and steam.

We have been working our booty off, but I’m gon na make my little carpet cleaner now and we’ll show you guys how I do that then I’m gon na.

Let that sit for a little bit and then I’m gon na back you and clean my plans and then we’re pretty much done so we’re on the less like let’s keep going okay, so for our little carpet deodorizer.

I’m just gon na mix some baking soda and lemon essential oil. Basically, it just helps kind of bring any sense that might be stuck in your carpet, because if you didn’t know baking soda has that ability to soak up stinky signs.

So if you have a stinky fridge, you can also just throw one of these in your fridge to help kind of clear the air.

So I kind of just eyeball it.

So I’m just gon na put some baking soda in the bowl and then sprinkle.

Some lemon essential oil.

Okay, now that I have my mixture, I’m gon na sprinkle, it all throughout the carpet and our apartment and the rugs, and then I’m gon na.

Let it sit for 30 minutes and then we’ll vacuum it all up, and if you have longer than 30 minutes you can totally let it sit for longer, but I’m just trying to get this done.

Okay, now it is time for one of my favorite parts of cleaning and that is cleaning my sweet baby plants, especially my finale fig, because these big leaves collect so much dust.

That’s only downside about these guys, and I also just got white birds of paradise.

That also has pretty big leaves. So what I do to clean them is, I just wipe wipe them down with a wet paper towel and just kind of I’m.

Pretty gentle with it, but also like I give enough pressure to make sure I’m getting all the dust so that you know they stay nice and healthy and also we stay nice now be because when you have a bunch of things collecting dust, it’Ll definitely impact the air quality and just the cleanliness so got ta make sure you take care of these little guys, nice and clean besides cleaning my plant leaves my second favorite cleaning thing to do is a vacuuming carpet.

It’s just so satisfying to see like the lines it creates, but I’m really hoping to get a new cordless vacuum soon, right now for our apartment, it’s really not a huge deal because it’s so small.

The cord kind of follows me around, but it would make life a little bit easier.

So let me get, let me know if you guys know of any good ones.

I’m always so shocked at how full the vacuum gets after I vacuum our place.

It’s satisfying, but also crazy, that’s so much just in dirt, collects in so little time and that’s it.

Thank you guys so much for watching.

I really hope you enjoyed this video and you just make the most of this spring season.

I know there is so much uncertainty and pain and discomfort across the world right now, but you so that knew I loved and the best is yet to come, and I hope that we can all just come together and encourage each other and make the most of What we have now so, thank you guys so much again for watching, and I cannot wait to see you .

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