Garage Door Doesn’t Open? Check These. [Video]

Having an automatic garage door opener is such a convenience. Not having to get in and out of the car on a cold snowy night or in the blazing heat, makes life so much better.

Until the one day, when you pull up to the door, hit the button and nothing happens. Now you need to go in and pull the emergency release and open it manually. Not the worse thing to happen, but now you need to call the repairman. Before you do, let us show you some basic trouble shooting tips that are easy to do and could save you a bunch or time and money.Garage door button

Trouble shooting problem on most thing in your home usually requires a few tools and some basic knowledge of how things might work. Having someone show you the steps to take can make this task simple.

The first thing you need to check when trouble shooting your garage door opener, is whether there is power to the main opener button. There will be a light on the push button when you press it indicating if there is power.

If there is power at the button, the next thing to check is the outlet where the opener is plug in to. The should be done with an electrical tester but a shop light will work.

If both of these things have power, go to the Next Page for more simple trouble shooting checks.


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