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Little things you can do around your Home to make life a little better.

Making PVC Pipe Look Like Wood

There are so many great uses for PVC pipe. Sometimes you might shy away from using it because you don’t like that plain white look you get with the pipe.


What if you could make PVC pipe look like wood? Think of how many more uses you could come up with if it blended into the surroundings. You could use this idea to make curtain rods, a tiki bar would look awesome or where ever your imagination takes you.

It takes a little extra time to accomplish, but the outcome is awesome. Just using a couple of inexpensive tools and you are on your way to creating many great projects.

Check out Jason’s step by step guide to Make PVC Look Like Wood.




Safe Way to De-Ice a Windshield

For those of us who have to leave our vehicle out in the snow and cold, whether at home or work. Getting the windshield clear before we start driving is a must but can be a big pain.

A lot of people will think, Yea just pour hot water on the windshield and it will be clear in no time, right? Wrong! Pouring hot water on an Ice Cold windshield is the worst thing you can do.

Your windshield is made of layers of different materials, that if expanded at different rates, as with pour hot water on them can cause them to crack and separate.

Check out the video for a great alternative.

10 Awesome Uses for PVC Pipe

Sometimes, little things can make life a lot easier. Called hacks today, these little short cuts or tools can make getting things done easier. Using pcv pipe and fitting is a quick and cheap way to build gadgets that can make life go a little smoother.

Using pieces of pipe and end caps is great for hiding a spare key in the yard. Also works great to help carry firewood or groceries.

Check out the video for 10 fun uses for pvc pipe.


Hope you enjoyed these great hacks. Click here to check out 30 more great uses for PVC Pipe.

10 Tips to Help With the Laundry (Video)

Doing laundry for most of us is a task that gets done because it has to. Not many people really enjoy doing it. Come laundry day a little change of mindset can make the chore of doing load after load a bit more enjoyable.

Quick tips like using a rolling hamper or skipping the dryer sheets by using a ball of aluminum foil to soften your clothes and prevent static cling make the day more interesting and less tedious.

Check out the fun video below for some more helpful tips to make your life a little easier and make some fun out of doing laundry.


Using Steel Wool on a Car Windshield? Amazing What This Can Do.

Everyday road travel causes your car windshield to take on road dirt and debris kicked up from other vehicles traveling around you. This dirt and debris causes very small nicks and scratches in the surface of the windshield causing dirt and bugs to stick to the glass.

A dirty or scratched windshield can be a real safety hazard. It makes it very difficult to see clearly in the sun and rain or snow, causing an unsafe scenario for you and everyone around you. This also keeps your wipers from working properly creating more issues.

Even cleaning your car windshield regularly will not get all of that dirt out of the scratches in your windshield.

Using the proper grade steel wool and the correct procedure, you can remove a large percent of the dirt and scratches in your windshield making you driving a whole lot safer.

Head over to the Next Page to learn how to make your windshield smooth and safe.



Make a Small Place Great

Moving out of your parents or dorm room in to your very own place can be really exciting. Congrats on getting your first place to call your own. You can make a small place great without spending a ton of cash.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is, how do I fill up all this emptiness.  Here are some tips on how to start.

1. Add Personality

Use your space to showcase who you are. This will also keep your place from looking too stiff. Be bold and paint a wall your favorite color or use the color for accents like throw pillows.

Cover those naked walls with art. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. There are a lot of possibilities: framed art, canvas, or simple photographs. This is a terrific way to add more of what you are into, like pictures of cars or nature. Whatever it is, it should be something that you want to look at day after day.

2. Bring in a Little Life

Consider adding some greenery when designing your bachelor pad; plants add life to your space and help purify the air. You can go with a simple succulent – which is easy to care for too – or get a beautiful orchid to add more color and charm if you have a green thumb.

Getting a pet can help you relax and reduce stress. Fish are easy to take care of and are OK to be left alone for a day or so, which is good if you are hesitant to get something with a higher level of commitment.

3. Give Everything a Place

Avoid clutter, or at least hide it well, by making sure everything has a place. Get storage containers, ottomans, or shelves— whatever it takes to make sure all of your stuff has a home, especially the small things. You can always keep storage containers in a closet.

Get an entertainment center with cabinets and drawers. Not only will this hide all of the wires that come from your gaming and home theater systems, but also it will give you a place to store controllers, games, and movies.

4. Keep it Simple

Having a killer place to hangout with friends does not mean you have to fill up every inch of space or have elaborate décor. Focusing on those things can become a slippery slope, and suddenly you look around and see that your dwelling is just an eyesore.

When it comes to trying to fill up a bare wall or fill an empty space, do not feel like you have to. It is OK to have a wall with nothing on it, or to just have something small and simple to make it feel homier.

Great tips from

Decorating your first place can be very rewarding, let it show others who you are!

How Many Uses Does a Rubber Band Have?

Rubber bands are a great invention that can be used for so many things. In the office they hold papers together, index cards or wrap up some  pens and pencils to keep them organized and many others.

But they are also a great help around the home. We put together a list of ways to use rubber bands that you may not have thought of.

Paint Brush Scraper

Scraping the excess paint, put a large rubber band around the can so that you can wipe the brush on that and allow the excess to drip back into the paint can.

Makeshift Wallet

Just keep you cash and cards together by wrapping up your little bundle in rubber bands. It’s a super easy and cheap solution to saving space.

Makeshift Wallet:


Lid Opener

When you’re faced with a lid that won’t budge, just wrap a rubber band around it several times to give you a better grip.

Lid Opener:


Tool Holder

When you are working in a tight spot, keep from losing your tool down a crevice or off a ladder, hook it to your wrist.

photo: Home Spot


Door Opener

Keep a door latch from latching, for easy opening.

Rubber Band Door Stop

photo: Good Houskeeping


Page Turning

Doing a lot of reading or studying? Attaching a rubber band to your finger helps you turn pages with ease.

photo: stevenandchris

We have more great tips for rubber bands on the Next Page


Build a One Log Campfire

Whether you are in your backyard or out in the woods, making a fire out of just a single log that will burn for hours, will save splitting and hauling a whole lot of firewood.

The one log campfire (also know as a Swedish torch) can be used for cooking, keeping warm or just sitting around with family and friends and enjoying the flames.

Check out the video below on how to build your own.


Kitchen Cabinet Organizing Tips

Unless you have a custom kitchen built, the cabinet designers make their cabinets pretty plain so they are versatile in many applications. This basic layout doesn’t do much for keeping things organized for easy use.

Once you spend sometime in your kitchen and have figured out where things will go, you can start adding little things that will make cabinet organizing them much easier.

Adding some hooks and hanger to some of your cabinets can really add room for things that take up way to much space when laying down. Hooks will also make it easy to find those things that seem to get lost in the cabinet or drawer.

Grab your baking essentials such as measuring spoons, cups, lightweight mixers and whisks, as well as your Command™ Brand products.  Determine which cabinet you want to create your organized baker set-up and follow all surface prep instructions on the back of the packaging.

Organized baking cabinet! Great ideas to maximize cabinet space!

Following package instructions, mount one Command™ Quartz Key Rail to the inside of the cabinet.  Repeat to mount additional key rails in the cabinet.

I used three key rails across the top of the bottom section.

Organized baking cabinet! Great ideas to maximize cabinet space!

Following package instructions, apply one Command™ Medium Clear Hook to the inside of the cabinet.  Repeat to apply additional clear hooks on the sides of the cabinet.  I used one on each side– two on the bottom and two on the top.

You can also use the insides of the doors to hang the small items so you have more storage in the cabinet.

Organized baking cabinet! Great ideas to maximize cabinet space!

Great tips from Chelsea over at

Using hooks in all your cabinets will keep things better organized.

DIY Pesticide-Free Mosquito Trap

Don’t take mosquitoes lightly, not only are they annoying, buzzing around you and then biting you, which could itch for days, they can also carry some pretty sickening and deadly diseases.

When they start buzzing around most people reach for a can of repellent, but those chemicals can be just as bad for you as the insect itself. Pesticides may seem like a good quick solution to the the problem, but the long term effects of the poison can be costly.

Putting together this simple DIY  pesticide-free mosquito trap can help keep you and you family safe from those biting pests. You can clean an area in a few nights, breaking an uncontrolled population cycle. This simple but highly effective mosquito trap can literally kill thousands of mosquitoes per night without the use of pesticides.

This will help keep your family, guests and pest safe from these pests.

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