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Repairs you can make around your Home without hiring a contractor.

How to Clean and Repair Tile Grout

Ceramic, porcelain or glass tile can all add charm or elegance to your home. It comes in just about any size, shape and color you could think of. It is one of the most durable building products available today. The one drawback to tile is the grout that seals the joints between tiles, gets dirty or breaks down. In this article we will show you how to clean and repair tile grout.

Whether it’s wall tile or floor tile, it all requires grout that will overtime get dirty, moldy or even start to crumble. While wall grout is much more susceptible to this situation as it is more porous, over time all grout can have this issue.

The Big Clean

Even if you stay on top of things and keep your shower clean, overtime, the grout can still slowly build up dirt, mold and soap scum. To clean your tile grout you will need stiff nylon scrub brush or a scouring pad, and a solution of 50% bleach or vinegar and 50% water and a little elbow grease. If your tile grout still will not come clean you can use a 50/50 mix of muriatic acid and water. If you are using the solution be very safety cautious wearing rubber gloves by protection and ventilating the room.

After going through the steps you find the tile grout is still not clean where you find cracks or holes in it you’ll need to move on to the steps for repairing the grout.

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Vented or Sealed Crawlspace

For years the common building practice for crawlspaces was to install wall vents to allow the space to breathe. Venting the area would remove the moisture from the crawlspace.

Studies have shown that this is not the case. In fact, venting this space actually brought moisture in, making the perfect environment for mold growth.

With the addition of Air Conditioning this becomes even more of an issue. The hot moist air condensing when it meets the cold ducts and framing.

Watch this short video on the case study of vented vs. closed crawlspaces.

Sealing off the outside air from entering house will help keep your heating and cooling system working more efficiently.

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Garage Door Doesn’t Open? Check These. [Video]

Having an automatic garage door opener is such a convenience. Not having to get in and out of the car on a cold snowy night or in the blazing heat, makes life so much better.

Until the one day, when you pull up to the door, hit the button and nothing happens. Now you need to go in and pull the emergency release and open it manually. Not the worse thing to happen, but now you need to call the repairman. Before you do, let us show you some basic trouble shooting tips that are easy to do and could save you a bunch or time and money.Garage door button

Trouble shooting problem on most thing in your home usually requires a few tools and some basic knowledge of how things might work. Having someone show you the steps to take can make this task simple.

The first thing you need to check when trouble shooting your garage door opener, is whether there is power to the main opener button. There will be a light on the push button when you press it indicating if there is power.

If there is power at the button, the next thing to check is the outlet where the opener is plug in to. The should be done with an electrical tester but a shop light will work.

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Fixing a Pocket Door

The pocket door is such a great concept. It saves a lot of space by not having to swing into the room. The door rides on an overhead track and wheel system.

Over time with regular use, the track and wheel truck can become worn or loose and be in need of repair or replacement. This will cause the door to  not operate properly or fall off its track.

Parts for most systems are still available. If you can’t find the parts you need you may have to replace the entire track system.

The age and the manufacturer of the pocket door unit  will be factors on how easy it will be to repair.


Most pocket door systems work in similar fashion, with a wheel setup that slips into the track and then clips onto the top of the door. The wheel system will have adjusting bolts to raise and lower the door and set the door so it hangs plumb with the door jamb.

How the door is trimmed out will determine how much trim you need to remove to get at the adjusting bolt and release or latch the door into place.

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[Video] How to Repair a Stripped Wood Screw Hole

You notice that your door is not shutting properly, so you check and find that the screws on the door hinge are loose. You grab a screw driver to tighten them down, but when you do they just keep spinning. The screw hole has become stripped and needs to be repaired.

There are a number of different ways of how to repair a stripped screw hole, depending on the size of the screw and hole it makes.

If you have a cabinet door with small screws, using wooden toothpicks or slivers from some scrap wood and some glue will do the trick.

With larger screws like an entry door, using a golf tee and glue will work for a while.

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Replacing Your Shower and Tub Trim

Replacing  your shower and tub trim can make a world of difference in the look of your bathroom without a major renovation. A new trim kit will come in a number of different finishes, so you will to really make your bath shine. You can replace the handles, escutcheon (trim around the handles),  tub spout, shower head and arm, without replacing the valve and piping.

You will need to know the manufacturer of your faucet in order to get the appropriate replacement parts. Most major companies have their name stamped right on the escutcheon and make it easy to find. Some may be a no-name brand, that is not as easy, but a universal kit may work.

If you cannot figure out which brand you have, take off the handle and escutcheon and take them to your local plumbing store for some help. It may be a good idea to take these parts with you even if you know the brand as there are still differences between models from the same manufacturer.

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Repairing a Door Bell

When you notice that your doorbell is not working, most people will think it is time to replace the chime inside the house. This is not always the case. There are a few things to look at when repairing your doorbell.

Wireless Door Bell

Many newer homes nowadays (and some remodeled homes)  have wireless doorbell systems which require batteries to operate. When you find the door bell not working, you should check the batteries first to see if they are issue. Just replacing them with new one is the easiest way to determine if it is indeed the batteries. If the unit still does not work, you may have to replace the entire unit. Many manufactures only sell the chime and button as a package.

Wired Door Bell

Most older homes and some newer one have wired-in systems that require a transformer, bell chime, push button, wiring and electric power to operate.

Any one of the following items could be wrong in the system to prevent it from operating.

  • The transformer has gone bad
  • One of the bell button may have gone bad and needs replacing.
  • Someone may have disconnected the wiring.
  • A rodent may have chewed thru the wiring.
  • The bell mechanism may have goon bad.


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Best Garage Floor Coating

Are you tired of that old gray, boring, dirty looking concrete garage floor? So you decided you want to cover it.

There are a number of products you can use to do this.

  • A clear sealer will get rid of the dust the concrete produces and make it easier to clean the floor. You will still have the same look. and it will wear off over time.
  • Painting the floor will help made it look nicer while making it easier to clean. The paint will wear off and will not hold up to many chemicals you could have in your garage.
  • Staining the concrete and then a urethane sealer over it will make the floor look great. You will still have an issue with cracks and expansion joints.

So which is the best? In our opinion, epoxy coating is the best product you can use. Epoxy certainly is not the cheapest to install, but over the life of the floor it will come out to be the most economical.

Epoxy is harder than any paint and will hold up to most things being dropped on it.

It make your garage look like a show room for many years to come.



We’ll start by ending some confusion about epoxy right now.  An epoxy garage floor coating is not paint.  Paint for garage floors is a latex acrylic product.  Some paints will have a small percentage of epoxy added to the mix to make it more durable than standard paint, but it is still paint.  These are known as epoxy paints or 1-part epoxy paint.

epoxy garage floor with contraction joints

Epoxy is an actual thermosetting resin that is applied as a coating.  It is formed when you mix one part epoxide resin with one part polyamine hardener.  The hardener acts as a catalyst and is what gives epoxy its strength.

Unlike paint that has to dry, epoxy cures.  When the two parts are mixed, a chemical reaction is started which creates an exothermic curing process.  This curing process produces polymer structures that are closely cross-linked giving epoxy its superior strength and durability.  The end result is a coating that is much thicker than paint and bonds tenaciously to a properly prepared surface.

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[Video] Backer Rod for Filling Gaps

When filling a large crack or joint in concrete or asphalt it is best to use a backer rod in the gap first.

Backer Rod is a round polyethylene foam joint-filler and backing material used for filling expansion joints and large or deep joints before installing elastomeric sealants.

It is used mostly in the construction trades for filling expansion joints in concrete, wood and asphalt to allow for the joint to move, while allow for the use of less sealant and to keep the sealant from sinking into the joint.

Backer rod can also be used in concrete and asphalt repairs to fill deep or large gaps before adding sealer. Some contractors will use fine sand to fill the gap first, but if the gap gets wider or deeper the sand will fall away and leave the sealant with no backing.

These backer rods can be used around doors, windows, wall joints, as well as foundations. A backer rod is recommended in numerous construction applications because it:
·         Saves caulking material by filling in the gaps
·         Provides additional insulation and increase energy efficiency of a house
·         Blocks drafts, giving additional quality to window installations
Backer rods are available in 1/4“ to 1 ¼” diameters that are packaged in rolls, and thicker diameters of 1 ½” to 4” that come in cartons of 6-foot length backer rod.

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Teens Volunteer for Home Repairs

Through out Georgia, teen volunteers, a long with adult supervisors from different church youth groups around the state and pitching in to help those in need get their home repairs done.

About 200 teens pitched in to do yard work, fix things, pressure wash and paint houses.

Six churches from Georgia are working with River of Life program. This year’s project includes at least one roof repair, installing a wheelchair ramp, and over 20 paint jobs throughout Macon-Bibb County.

But the project is about more than just having fun. For Henneman and other River of Life volunteers, it’s about giving back. “I think it’s cool that you can come and not preach to people and not tell them that they have to believe what you believe,” said Henneman. “Just show them what you believe by fixing up their house and helping them out without asking for anything in return.”

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