How To Unclog Your Main Line Drain – Easy and Cheap Plumbing Fix. Snake Your Drain

Okay, so today I’m going to show you how I’ve unclogged my drain: it’s a Sunday and last night we had water bubbling up from this drain, so I knew that we had an issue. So what I did is, I called some plumbers: no one could come and they want to charge me about 500 between 350 and 500.

So I looked into renting this.

It’s a clean out from Home Depot.

Now I’ve done one run and actually the line is clean and what I found this attachment was on the end, which is what comes on it.

It had a baby wipe on it and some other stuff came out, but basically the main clod, I think, was a baby wipe.

So what I’m going to do is since I’ve got the thing and it cost me about fifty five dollars.

I’m going to go ahead and run both of these through there as well, and I’m going to show you how incredibly simple this is to do and it really wasn’t super yucky either.

However, the only thing with this machine is it is on wheels, but it’s super easy to operate, but it’s definitely heavy to get out of your vehicle.

They’ll load it for you at Home Depot, but you got to figure out how to get it back in your car.

So let me go ahead and set it up, and I’ll show you how easy it is to run the thing to save yourself a lot of money. By doing this, because my clog, I think, came right out and this would have cost me like.

I said three five hundred dollars.

Okay, first thing is I’m going to go ahead and attach this um different piece on here to kind of get a different clean out of the thing and it’s really easy.

You just need a this is gross.

I’m not wearing gloves, but now that I’ve got water.

I’ll make sure I clean up and you just make sure that it’s screwed on here nice and tight you don’t want to lose it down.

There sure Home Depot will charge you.

Oh I see it goes through the middle learn something new of you told you haven,’t done this before so just screw it on.

Tighten it up.

Okay, we’re ready to go so I’m going to go ahead and set this up and show you how easy it is to run this thing. So here,’s, the draining question and all I’m going to do – is I’m.

Just going to reverse it a little bit with this little button kick see it’s on.

You played over this little piece right here.

It just reverses the thing so I’m.

Going to put it in reverse and then there’s a foot pedal you just press okay.

Now I’m going to go ahead and shoot it down the hole and we’re going to reverse and we’re just going to let it run so to move up a little bit and I’m gon na try and get that black Guider thing down the hole as much as I possibly can, because that’s going to help get it down there.

I’m going to go ahead and okay change the view a little bit, so you can see a little better.

So here’s, the machine I’ve got it lined up in there and all I’m gon na do is put it in reverse.

I’m, you put it in forward and let it run just put my foot on the head and way it goes so this could take ten minutes to get all the way down.

I have a 75 foot rod steak and it just sells feet and you’re, going to get myself comfortable, keep my foot on the pedal and just let go okay, so that’s all you do and, as you can see it’s, not real Difficult now I’m going to run this second item down the drain and then what I’ll do is I’ll run the water and make sure that it all works and everything, but I got it for four hours. Fifty five dollars well worth it wasn’t a big deal.

I have to clean up anyway, because some of the water came up, so I have to really do a good clean here.

So there is a little bit of stuff that came out when you reverse it.

It comes back up, but that’s it.

This is all you do you run the thing I would advise.

You run it all the way to the end.

I got a 75 foot one.

You can get a hundred foot one, it’s a little bit more expensive, but it will go all the way out to your line, because your line is a hundred feet, usually from the big sewer.

I don’t know what you call that I’m, not a plumber, so I’m definitely give it a try.

It’s, not a two person deal other than to get the thing out of the car, but you can do it all by yourself. It’s really simple and it saves you a lot of money.

Alright enjoy.

I’m going to go ahead and just show you how easy it is to reverse you.

Just put it in reverse step on the thing now, sometimes, as you’re running this thing, the hose will kind of start to come back up it’s.

Just having trouble it’s getting jammed a little bit, so sometimes you have to let it run and you got ta hold it down.

We have a coming up, so I’m just going to stop it reverse it.

So it’s it’s.

Just getting stuck on stuff sit down in there, so I got to do just reverse: it can’t hold it down, and then it’s mine again.

Sometimes it needs to be kind of rebooted, so that’s pretty much it.

I hope you don’t have this problem, but if you do, this is the way to solve it. Any questions just leave a comment and I basically check it every day.

So I will get back to you see .

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