DIY Dishwasher Replacement

If it is time for a dishwasher replacement, whether the current one stopped working or you decide it is time to replace it. Removing the old dishwasher and installing a new one is a project most DIY homeowners can accomplish without too much trouble. You will need a few tools and some basic knowledge of plumbing and electric.

Most dishwashers come in standard sizes so you can easily install a new one without any cabinet modification.

A few issues that you could possibly come across are:

  • New flooring was installed without the cabinets or appliances being moved and you may have a height issue when you try to replace the dishwasher.
  • The dishwasher was installed before the countertop and they did not make a big enough hole in the cabinet to get the hoses through.
  • If you have a granite or other stone countertop, the mounting clips may have been epoxied to the top, or it may be screwed to the cabinet on the side of the dishwasher.

Here is a great video from with step-by-step procedures on replacing your dishwasher.

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