Replacing a Toilet Fill Valve [video]

Is your toilet filling really slow or there is water coming out from under the lid of your toilet? The issue is more than likely the toilet fill valve. Before making that decision, remove the water line from the toilet and run some water into a bucket to be sure that the line and shut off valve are clear.

The toilet fill valve can get clogged with sediment that is in your water system causing it to fill slowly. You can take it a part and turn the water on slow to try and flush the valve out.

Flushing out the valve will sometimes clear the issue, but most times you will cause the valve to leak once the seals are disturbed. If flushing the valve does not fix the issue you will need to replace the valve. This is a simple and inexpensive project.

The other reason you may need to replace the toilet fill valve is that it is leaking. The seals in the valve will need to be replaced as they will break down over time. It is faster and cheaper to replace the whole valve as apposed to trying to get and install new seals.

Check out the video below to how to change a toilet fill valve.

Replacing a Bathroom Sink Drain!

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Is your bathroom sink drain corroded or leaking? Replacing it is a simple project any DIYer can accomplish in a short period of time. With just a couple of tools and a little knowledge that you can get from the video below you are on your way to taking care of this little problem.

When replacing your sink drain you should be aware of the quality on the replacement parts. A good drain replacement will be made of brass part and will last a long time. You can buy the cheaper version that is made of plastic parts but can easily break.

Check out the video on replacing your bathroom sink drain.

Adding a Garbage Disposal to Your Sink

If you are tired of your garbage can always smelling up the house, it may be time to install a garbage disposal in your sink so you can flush all that smelly stuff down the drain. A garbage disposal will fit into any standard sink and is fairly easy to install. If you are installing one where there never has been one before, be aware that you will need to install an electric circuit or outlet under the sink for the garbage disposal to work.

Here is a wonderful step-by-step video from on how to install your garbage disposal.