DIY Reclaimed Wood Furniture Ideas

Making reclaimed wood furniture from the remains of an old barn or structure is such a great feeling of accomplishment and saving natural resources.

If you are a Do It Yourselfer, who loves working with wood, making things out of wood that you can find while out exploring makes it that much better.

There is something about the look of real wood furniture that makes a home warm and cozy. Reclaimed wood furniture with it’s rustic look provides that look while being environmentally friendly.

Here are some ideas to spark you imagination for building so reclaimed wood furniture.

These awesome coffee tables will look great in any home.

Image result for awesome wood structures


Split wood table


Coffee Table


Here you will find a collection of dining room tables for some ideas on making your own.



Reclaimed County Dining Table


Awesome Dining Table


If it is outdoor furniture you are inspiring to make, here are a few ideas.

Hospitality:Awesome Bali Recycled Wood Furniture Bench Ref 008 Bali Furniture Crafted Balinese Style Manufacturers Supplier Indoor Outdoor Interior Restaurant Bar Hotel Villa


Reclaimed Wood Patio Set






Garage Door Doesn’t Open? Check These. [Video]

Having an automatic garage door opener is such a convenience. Not having to get in and out of the car on a cold snowy night or in the blazing heat, makes life so much better.

Until the one day, when you pull up to the door, hit the button and nothing happens. Now you need to go in and pull the emergency release and open it manually. Not the worse thing to happen, but now you need to call the repairman. Before you do, let us show you some basic trouble shooting tips that are easy to do and could save you a bunch or time and money.Garage door button

Trouble shooting problem on most thing in your home usually requires a few tools and some basic knowledge of how things might work. Having someone show you the steps to take can make this task simple.

The first thing you need to check when trouble shooting your garage door opener, is whether there is power to the main opener button. There will be a light on the push button when you press it indicating if there is power.

If there is power at the button, the next thing to check is the outlet where the opener is plug in to. The should be done with an electrical tester but a shop light will work.

If both of these things have power, go to the Next Page for more simple trouble shooting checks.


Easy Way to Clean Grill Parts

Easy Way to Clean Grill Parts

Summer is such a wonderful time, with backyard BBQ’s and family gatherings.

With all that wonderful grilling, comes the not so much fun task of cleaning the grill.

Someone needs to do it, because a dirty grill can become a fire hazard really fast.

Cleaning grill parts doesn’t have to be a back breaking experience though. And it can be done without burning up all of your expensive fuel.

Here is a great tip from grandma on how to clean grill parts the easy way.

Pour 1 cup ammonia in a thick garbage bag, place your BBQ grates inside the bag and seal tightly. I used a rubber band to seal my garbage bag. It is important you seal the bag tightly. It is the fumes from the ammonia that loosens all the gunk on your grates. If you do not seal your garbage bag tightly the fumes will escape and your grill will be difficult to clean.  It was a very sunny day today and I had a hard time getting a good picture with my white trash bag on the concrete. So I set my bag on the grass to get a good clear picture. Because ammonia is a toxic substance to animals, grass and plants  I made sure the bag was sealed tight enough that no ammonia would leak out and cause any harm to the surrounding environment.


Clean Your BBQ Grill

Be careful to turn your face away when you open your garbage bag the next day. The fumes will be strong and can make your eyes burn. Remove your grills from the bag, scrub them lightly if needed and rinse them off until the clean.

Great tip from This grandma is

Install Baseboard Like a Pro

When you plan to install baseboard around your home, there are a few tricks that the professional tradesman know that make there work look fantastic.

The walls and floors in most houses, old and new, are rarely square and flat. Installing baseboard molding the correct way will make it so you don’t see these issues.

Learning how to deal with these imperfections is just a matter of someone showing you the little tricks that will make all the difference in your project.

Outside Corners

Fig.11.Chapt-5-1Outside corners, be of the build up of corner bead and joint compound are rarely a true 90 degrees. Therefore to adjust for this, your molding will need to have a miter cut that is less or more than 45 degrees. Using a protractor to figure the exact angle will be helpful, but using a couple of test pieces and adjusting them to fit before making your full pieces works well.

For outside corners, the short point of the miter is always at the back of the molding, against the wall, and against the miter saw fence—for outside corners, you measure to the short point of the miter and you cut to the short point of the miter.

Inside Corners

Unless your walls are perfectly square, when doing an inside corner, use a coped joint rather than a mitered joint. The coped method will give you a professional looking joint with just a little extra work.

For instructions on how easy it is to do a coped joint, which really makes a nice finished look. Head over to the Next Page.


Collecting Rain for Plant and Garden Watering

With the growing population on the planet, there is an ever-growing demand on our water systems. States and cities all over are trying to find ways to keep up with the demand.

Collecting rain for plant and garden watering at your house can greatly help reduce water system demand, while also lowering your water bill.

There are all kinds of water storage systems that you can install around your home to collect rain water and use it for many purposes that do not require treated water.

Even the smallest of collection systems will help save thousands of gallons per year.

If you are a DIYer, installing a rain collection system takes just a few tools and a few parts. Unless you have the land and want to get into a huge system, then it will take a little bit more work and money.

Head over to the Next Page for some tips on building your own system.


The Best Time for Planting Trees and Shrubs

As we head out of summer into the cooler weather of autumn, we get into the best time of year for planting trees and shrubs. Putting them in the ground this time of year will give them plenty of time to get their roots established before winter sets in.

The spring weather can be very unpredictable with a late frost or early summer heat that can cause the plants to have problems.

The cool temperatures of fall also means you water less often than you will in spring or summer.

The Basics To Planting Trees and Shrubs

Whether you are going to plant shade trees, fruit trees or shrubs, one of the most important parts of planting is in the digging of the hole. When it comes to trees and shrubs, the size of the planting hole should be roughly two times the diameter of the container the plant came in. This only applies to the diameter and not the depth.

planting fruit trees
Planting holes need to be about twice as wide, but not twice as deep

You will want to dig the hole about 4 to 6″ deeper than the root ball. This loosens the soil underneath so that roots have plenty of room to expand. This is a great time to mix in a few shovel fulls of compost to help those roots power up.

As you plant, be sure to keep the crown (the main base) of the tree or shrub slightly above the soil line. This keeps the base from sitting in water during periods of too much rain. When it comes to watering, be sure to water every few days until the plant has become dormant for winter. If you are having a warmer and dryer winter than usual, be sure to still water every few weeks.

A Critical Step in Planting

Finally, the one critical step that many leave out is mulching the trees and shrubs once planted. A heavy 3 to 4″ coating of shredded bark mulch or even straw is critical to a new plant’s long-term health. Not only does it keep the moisture in, it helps the soil temperature stay regulated. It also keeps out competing weeds around the base of the tree or shrub and provides much need protection for the plant through winter.

Thanks to Old World Garden for these great tips.



Fixing a Pocket Door

The pocket door is such a great concept. It saves a lot of space by not having to swing into the room. The door rides on an overhead track and wheel system.

Over time with regular use, the track and wheel truck can become worn or loose and be in need of repair or replacement. This will cause the door to  not operate properly or fall off its track.

Parts for most systems are still available. If you can’t find the parts you need you may have to replace the entire track system.

The age and the manufacturer of the pocket door unit  will be factors on how easy it will be to repair.


Most pocket door systems work in similar fashion, with a wheel setup that slips into the track and then clips onto the top of the door. The wheel system will have adjusting bolts to raise and lower the door and set the door so it hangs plumb with the door jamb.

How the door is trimmed out will determine how much trim you need to remove to get at the adjusting bolt and release or latch the door into place.

On the Next Page is a great video to guide you through repairing your pocket door.


That’s a Strange Place for a Mobile Home

Living in a mobile home can be a great deal. They are inexpensive compared to a permanent house. You can put them just about anywhere and live comfortably. 

But some people have gone to the extreme. Placing mobile homes in some pretty odd places.



Whoops – Looks like someone forgot the stairs.




I think we should have made the driveway a little wider if we wanted to get that babe in there.

Head over to the Next Page! To see More great places people put mobile homes.


Spicing Things Up in the Kitchen

There are small places in your kitchen where adding a spice rack can make your life more organized.

You may not be a master chef, But you love to cook. Using just the right spices will make your meals special. Being able to find those spices when they are needed can be a challenge.

Check out some of the many great options for organizing your spices for easy access when you want them. Consider adding these to the list for your kitchen remodel or you can add some in at any time.


Adding a rack to this kitchen drawer makes it a perfect place for your spices.



This free’d up 2 whole shelves in our cabinets. Before, I had just a shelf above the stove that held a few jars of random. I chose blue & teal over the front because I wanted color, but I wanted to keep it old looking.


Coke bottle spice rack project-4


Coke bottle spice rack project-2


This door spice rack is a simple DIY project for the back or a pantry door. Made with just simple 1x pine.

spice rack pantry door


The end of an island is a great place to tuck a spice rack in a shallow kitchen cabinet

Spice rack in a shallow cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry is a perfect choice for a kitchen island or the end cap of your cabinets.

Head over to the Next Page for some more great spice rack storage ideas.