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Collecting Rain for Plant and Garden Watering

With the growing population on the planet, there is an ever-growing demand on our water systems. States and cities all over are trying to find ways to keep up with the demand.

Collecting rain for plant and garden watering at your house can greatly help reduce water system demand, while also lowering your water bill.

There are all kinds of water storage systems that you can install around your home to collect rain water and use it for many purposes that do not require treated water.

Even the smallest of collection systems will help save thousands of gallons per year.

If you are a DIYer, installing a rain collection system takes just a few tools and a few parts. Unless you have the land and want to get into a huge system, then it will take a little bit more work and money.

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  1. Thanks Eddie Perger for your comment. After doing some research, Most states are actually passing laws promoting rain water harvesting. Especially for home owner. Of course it is always best to check your local and state laws before doing renovation of any kind.

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