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The Right Plants for Your Yard?

Having the right plants in your yard is important. Different areas have different climates, soils and geography that all factor into the type of plants that will grow best with out extra watering or feeding. Putting plants together that require similar watering patterns make it easier to irrigate your garden.

Adding plants to your garden that are native to the area around you will make your yard look great and be easier to maintain. Check out the Native Plant guide, Click Here! 

Across the country, gardeners are already digging into the right plant, right place concept. From the EPA, you can find examples in the U.S. Northeast, Midwest, Southeast regions below.

The garden pictured on the right in Olympia, Washington, includes plants that can tolerate drought and heavy rains. While the landscape can survive with little rain, it can also capture stormwater from roofs, driveways, and sidewalks. Plants in this garden include grosso lavender, red herbaceous peony, sunshine blue blueberries, creeping red thyme, and penstemon rondo.


This garden in Ann Arbor, Michigan, includes native plants to help absorb stormwater runoff. Using a conduit installed in the curb, stormwater is diverted from the street and into the rain garden. Plants used in this garden include blue cardinal flowers, rose milkweed, trumpetweed, and boneset.


The garden shown at right in Bristol, Tennessee, was formerly a turf grass lawn. In order to manage rain and runoff the area receives, native wildflowers and grasses were included to match to the site’s water conditions, reducing the need for irrigation. Plants in this garden include anise hyssop, serviceberry, sweetbay magnolia, wild bergamot, and summer phlox.


When you’re planning your garden this spring, use WaterSense’s What to Plant tool to help you choose plants that are right for your climate and require minimal watering.

Source: EPA

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