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Great DIY Planters!

Using planters to liven up your yard or patio is a wonderful idea, instead of a stationary garden where you are pretty much stuck with where it is at, planters can be moved to new locations to allow for changes you may decide on in the future.

If you look thru your garden shed, garage or even the attic, you may find some fun things that will make great DIY planters. If you don’t find anything there, take a look at your parents or maybe a close neighbor has some items they are looking to get rid that they think is junk, you could turn it to a beautiful planter.

Old pots or buckets make great DIY planters.

Cheap garden planters

   Photo source: DIY and Mag


An old wheelbarrow or garden cart will make a great planter that can be moved and have different flower arrangements depending on the location.


 Photo source:


Using your imagination can lead to using almost anything for a garden planter. Have some wood pallets laying around. Go here to see some wonderful pallet planter ideas.


Make an old sink into a lovely garden planter.

an old sink in a garden makes a cute planter - especially with the dishes added!:



Attach a dish pan to an old chair and you have these wonderful planters.

old chair planter trio:

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