A Great Garden Shed Out Of Old Doors

Isn’t it great finding new uses for old items we take out of our homes? Old windows and doors can be use to make so many new and useful things.

A great example is this is making a 4 door garden shed. The makes a really nice looking and useful shed that save time and money on sheathing and siding.

Sharon from Liberty Rose shares with us her story of building her wonderful garden shed.

My most recent “conquest” was a garden shed that was made out of old doors.  I have been wanting a shed for just garden tools and pots.  They seem to end up all over the place and I can never find them when I need them.  Some nice person shared a tool shed they had made on Pinterest and I asked my husband if we could do the same thing since I knew we had taken several doors down in the house over the years.  

 My husband started drawing his plans for building the shed since there was only a photograph on Pinterest and after a $250 trip to Lowe’s for wood and supplies, he started the shed. 

I thought we would just hinge the doors together, slap on a roof and be done with it!!!  Well, he said if we did that it would blow over in one of our thunderstorms.  I decided the best course of action to take was to just let him do it his way since he was the one building the shed and I really wanted it done. 

We used three of our old doors and Pam from the Rusty Bucket gifted us with the “front door” which has panes of glass to let in a little light.  Also helps it not to look like an outhouse!

After getting all the parts together, her husband went to work on her shed. He got it done and then she added the finishing touches.

I love it and know that it will be very useful for me to have all my gardening things in one place. 
I have had the two children’s shovels for years and found them in my husband’s big shed and decided to hang them on my little shed. 



Upcycle Leftover Pumpkins

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, don’t toss those leftover pumpkins in the garbage. There are many things you can do with them to help keep them out of the landfills.

You can put them in your compost pile ( or a neighbors, if you don’t have one). They can be cut up to feed the wild life. You can sut out the seeds and plant them for next year.

They can also be repurposed into other decorations for the rest of the holiday season.

Laura over at Garden answers has this awesome idea to repurpose left over pumpkins.

Using just a few supplies she turned her leftovers into a snowman decoration.

Pumpkins leftover from fall decorations
Hand Pruners & Scissors
White Spray Paint
7/16 in. x 12 in. Drill Bit
1/2″ spade bit
3′ Bamboo Garden Stake
Glue Gun
Black Hat
Red Ribbon
Glittery Holly Holiday Pick
Scrap fabric for scarf
Carrot for nose, gravel for face and buttons
Spring Grove® Western Arborvitae
Leyland Cypress

Watch the video to see how she did it.

Great DIY Planters!

Wash Tub planter

Using planters to liven up your yard or patio is a wonderful idea, instead of a stationary garden where you are pretty much stuck with where it is at, planters can be moved to new locations to allow for changes you may decide on in the future.

If you look thru your garden shed, garage or even the attic, you may find some fun things that will make great DIY planters. If you don’t find anything there, take a look at your parents or maybe a close neighbor has some items they are looking to get rid that they think is junk, you could turn it to a beautiful planter.

Old pots or buckets make great DIY planters.

Cheap garden planters

   Photo source: DIY and Mag


An old wheelbarrow or garden cart will make a great planter that can be moved and have different flower arrangements depending on the location.


 Photo source: empressofdirt.net


Using your imagination can lead to using almost anything for a garden planter. Have some wood pallets laying around. Go here to see some wonderful pallet planter ideas.


Make an old sink into a lovely garden planter.

an old sink in a garden makes a cute planter - especially with the dishes added!:

Photo: dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com


Attach a dish pan to an old chair and you have these wonderful planters.

old chair planter trio:

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