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Look at All Those Tomatoes

Is your garden thriving and have you saying, “look at all those tomatoes, what are we going to do with them all?” Well fear not, you can always “can” them. Making them in to a lot of different recipes and then use them all year long.

You can use your tomato crop to make Salsa, pasta sauce ,pizza sauce, tomato juice, ketchup or BBQ sauce and others.

Canning and Preserving The Tomatoes…

We use the first few harvests of tomatoes from the garden to make our juice and salsa  – early season tomatoes are usually more plump and juicy – and lend themselves perfectly to those recipes.

We then make our pasta sauce, pizza sauce, bbq sauce, ketchup and soups with the tomatoes harvested in mid to late summer.  The later tomatoes tend to be a little thicker walled and meaty from the late summer heat –  making them great for sauces and soups.


Nothing beats the taste of home-made tomato juice! Canned tomato juice in our canning cabinet

Canning juice is one of the most simple and delicious ways to preserve your tomatoes – and is a great way to start for those new to canning.  We make both regular juice and a hot and spicy V-8 style version to have the year around. Canned juice is a great base for chili, pasta sauce and more – making it a valuable addition to your pantry.


See the recipe to make your own Tomato Juice and others at

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