What’s that Smell?

A customer called to ask: Where’s That Smell Coming From

I live in a basement apartment. Lately, when the people living above me wash cloths or shower, a horrible stench emanates from underneath the kitchen sink and my bathroom. Can someone tell what might be causing this. How can I remedy this?

There is a good chance that the main sewer line from the building is partially blocked, so when someone is using the water above you, the water is backing up enough to push back thru the traps to your sinks. 

Also a likely cause could be that when they made the apartment, they didn’t spend the time or money to vent the system properly and just put in under cabinet venting called a Studor vent.

A Studor vent is designed to let air in to the system to allow for the water  for drain better. One of the issues is they can let air out if the drain system gets backed up.

Studor vent

When the sewer line is partly blocked the water will drain slow and push air back up the vent lines.

The sewer line needs to be cleared out, it is best to call in a professional who has the proper equipment to do the job right. This can be expensive, but before you end up with a lot of water damage and a smelly house best to make that call.

In your case; Tell your landlord before you end up with it flooding your apartment. 

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