Installing a Frost Proof Outdoor Faucet

A broken pipe from a frozen outdoor spicket could cost upwards of $15,000 to clean up and repair.

If you live anywhere that the temperature drops below freezing, installing a Frost Proof Outdoor Faucet is a great idea. Areas where you just get an occasional overnight freeze can be more damaging to outdoor faucet, as owners don’t prepare properly.

Needing to turn off the water and drain your outdoor faucets before winter sets in is a must. Sometimes winter comes sooner or stays later than we anticipate.  So before mother nature steps in and catches you off guard, it is best to replace your outdoor faucet with a frost proof one. This will prevent from having broken pipes and a flood in your basement.

These faucets are designed to stop the water inside the house where it is warm and drain out the water in the pipe and faucet to keep it from freezing.

A little bit of plumbing knowledge and a few tools will make this an easy job for a DIYer. Which tools you will need will depend on the current plumbing in your house.

Calling a plumber will cost you some money, but not as much as a flooded basement.

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