130-Ton “Fatberg” Causing Stink In London Sewers

Massive buildup, of waste is causing a major stake. In London’s old, Victorian sewers, the 130 ton so called fatberg is so enormous that the Museum of London even wants a piece of it for posterity Gavin Ram.


John takes us underground for a look below the surface of England.’s.


Capital city, lies a dark and disgusting problem.


It smells pretty unpleasant in the 150 year old sewers of East London, a huge massive waste known as a fat burg, is blocking a substantial stretch of the system.


So a fat Berg is formed of a mixture of fats, oils and greases mixed with lots of sanitary items like wet wipes and they congeal together to form this concrete, like blockage to break up the chunk that weighs as much as 11 double decker buses.


Workers are using high pressure jets and doing the rest by hand.


Experts have described the fatberg as a total monster.


To give you an idea of the size of this thing.


It’s 20 feet longer than London,’s famous Tower Bridge, which measures 800 feet from end to end Thames Water workers, say they clear, 80 000 blockages from the system every year, at a cost of over a million dollars a month.


This one is one of the biggest we found in our sewers. Now the Museum of London wants to showcase part of it.


Tower Bridge


I’m sure it’ll both compel people and repel people museum director Sharon.


Ament says people should learn about the city.’s.


History fatberg tells the story of contemporary London.


It’s about our waste products.


What were eating on what we’re, throwing down the drain? Engineer’s plan to turn the nasty blob into something useful when it’s finally cleared next month.


Most of it will be converted into eco friendly fuel Gavin Ram Sean for CBS News, London.


You know the fat bird will be turned into 15 thousand litres of biofuel or roughly four thousand gallons, and that’s enough to power 350 buses for a day.



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