How to Install PEX Piping


When the next time comes for you to replace the piping in your home, you might want to consider an alternative to the copper pipes that are present in most homes at this current time. The use of PEX piping can easily be cut to fit into any length and requires no soldering and flame during the installation process.

PEX is also flexible, and allows the pipes to be bent to specific locations, which will mean that you will not have to use as many connections throughout your plumbing system, reducing the risk of leaks. The substance has had a successful tour of Europe over the course of the last 30 years but is just now catching on in North America.

Although the substance itself is slightly more expensive than copper piping in most areas, the time that is saved on the installation process and other supplies ultimately makes it a more cost effective solution than other metal options that are available on the market.

PEX piping can usually be found in all major hardware stores, but can also be found in most wholesale plumbing supply stores. It also makes your system easier to read once it is in place because the pipes come in different colors. Most choose to use blue pipes for cold water distribution and red pipes for hot water distribution.

Another feature of PEX tubing is the ease of joint assembly. There are thousands of different fittings for all shapes, sizes and applications. You can even connect PEX tube to existing copper or other plastic pipes through the use of fittings that rarely require more than a crimp to put things in place. You will never have to use a torch or solder on PEX plumbing pipe installations like you would with metal alternatives, which is another reason why PEX has become the fastest rising pipe material in North America, especially after it was approved for use in California.

PEX pipes are also resistant to freeze cracking like other metal alternatives. Instead of cracking under the pressure of the expanding ice inside the pipe, the PEX pipe will expand and make space for the ice, and then will shrink once the ice is thawed.

It is easy to see why PEX pipes have become a common choice for many builders and plumbers in new installations and older renovation projects alike.

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