Makita Nailer Repair – Replacing the Magazine (Makita Part # 416715-3)


The magazine holds the nails in your nailer. The plastic magazine attaches to the nail
guns frame, the magazine cap and the change plate attached to it. Over time the mounts can fatigue and crack
or break. The magazine can be broken if the gun is dropped. Replacing the magazine is a repair that you
can do yourself and I’m going to show you how.


Hi, I’m Mark Sodja. Do-it-yourself repairs like these are easier
than you might think. From lawn machines to cordless drills, kitchen
mixers, outdoor drills, our how-to videos will walk you through each repair from start
to finish. Doing it yourself means never having to do
it alone. Let’s get started. I’ll begin by removing the magazine cap. The magazine cap is secured to the magazine
with a hinge pin. The hinge pin is secured with a urethane washer. I’ll use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove
the washer. I can remove the pin and the cover. I can remove the magazine. I’ll remove the nosepiece cover from the magazine
and then the screws that secure the magazine to the housing. [background noise]
Mark: I’ll remove the nuts from the backside of the magazine. I’ll remove the change plate from the magazine. I’ll tip the magazine over and pull back this
cap with a small screwdriver.


The cap is connected to a spring. I’ll carefully pull the spring away from the
housing just enough to get a screwdriver in between a couple of the coils. I want to be careful that I don’t stretch
out the spring. Then I can remove the cap from the spring. I’ll release the spring back into the housing. On the opposite side, I’ll pull out the cap
on top of the change plate along with the spring. Then I can remove the change plate. I can install the new magazine. First, I’ll install the change plate. Next, the cap and the spring. There’s a piece of rubber that sits inside
the spring. When you remove the spring, it may pull the
rubber out of the spring a small amount. So before I install it, I’ll just push that
rubber back down into the spring. I’ll loop the spring back onto one of the
caps and insert it into the opening on the magazine.


Makita nail gun repair
Makita nail gun repair


On the opposite side, I’ll pull the spring
through the hole using a small screwdriver. I’ll grab the spring with a pair of needle-nose
pliers and again insert the screwdriver through one of the coils to hold the spring in place. Then I can reinstall the lower cap. I’ll let the cap back onto the magazine. I’ll install the nuts back into the holders
on the magazine and I’ll reconnect the magazine to the nail


I’ll line the magazine with the nail gun and
secure it with the screws. I’ll reinstall the nosepiece cover. I can reinstall the magazine cap. I’ll align the cap with the hinge on the magazine. I’ll insert the hinge pin through the magazine
and the cap and secure the pin with the urethane washer. That’s all it takes to install a new magazine
on your nail gun. Be sure to check back often for new videos
and expert advice. If you found this video helpful, give us a
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