hi guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to be spring cleaning for you guys and I hope it gives you so much cleaning motivation this is kind of a follow-on from my recent deep cleaning video so if you haven’t seen that one I will link it down below in the description but they were still more around my house that desperately needed to be cleaned so I’m going to do that today but before we jump into the clean I just wanted to come on and say that I hope you guys are all doing okay and staying as safe as possible at this very difficult time I cannot believe how much covert 19 has literally changed everyone’s lives in the past few days I have so many friends and family members that have lost jobs that have had hours cuts you know I’m personally really worried about my grandma getting this virus I know so many of us are quarantined and I just I just hope you’re all okay I’m going to try and keep things as positive and as normal on this channel but if there’s anything you guys need or want please contact me I’m I think it’s just really hit me today and I’d actually tried to say this to camera and I just I just couldn’t without weeping so I thought I would do it in a voiceover but I’m just sending you guys loads and loads of love and yes anyway into the cream so the first thing that I’m going to clean today is my oven it has been nearly a year since I last clean this and it is in need of a good clean so the way that I do this is an all-natural cleaner I used to use loads of chemical products but they used to hurt my hands and this actually works really well so all I do is mix a cup of bicarbonate of soda with some water that makes a paste which I then put into the oven leave that to set for about 20 minutes to an hour however long you want and then I’ll pour some vinegar over top and it kind of like fizzes up and it works as a really good cleaner also the trays inside my oven you really need to be cleaned and the door as well so I’m gonna show you how I take the oven door off and give that a clean with a glass cleaner as well so I’ll just start by mixing up I’m gonna do about a cup of the bicarb today okay so once I have my cup of bicarbonate of soda in a bowl I’m just gonna add a little bit of water and give it a good stir to make it into a paste as I mentioned and then wanted to show you what the oven door is looking like it’s so very messy inside you can see all the smears and it’s kind of coming through now so that really needs to be cleaned also the trays are pretty disgusting I must say I do use tin foil from time to time but it’s really getting quite bad and there are also so many crumbs in the corners this is the oven door as I mentioned just getting really disgusting and on the inside as well that’s where I’m going to put the majority of the paste Oh a nice chip as well in there and so I’m going to try and like a soak the trays and then give everything a really good scrub [Music] okay so as you can see on my oven this glass at the front here is really dirty its dusty there are smears as well so you can actually take the glass out of your oven door with mine you have to lift it up and then pull it out and now I can like properly wash that and then all the stains on the inside should hopefully come out and it will look a lot cleaner as well [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so as you probably saw there I just added in the vinegar and it always fizzes up and has like a chemical reaction and sometimes I’ll just leave that to sit while I’m cleaning the trays but actually wasn’t too horrendous today so I managed to wipe the oven clean quite soon after the one thing that I really struggled with was the oven door the stains on it were just not coming off so you probably saw that I tried washing up liquid then I used a little bit of bar keeper’s friend and in the end the good old baking soda again did the trick so I left that on and because it is so abrasive it really did get the stains off so that was really good but now I’m just gonna give the trays a good scrub these really just needed some elbow grease so it did take a little bit of doing but they are so much cleaner now so now I’m going to just clean the oven door again because I used the baking soda on it to get the stains off there were loads of streaks once it dried so I’m just using a glass cleaner but vinegar and water would work for this as well and I’m also using my marigold squeaky clean cloth I love that I feel like it never really smears so I’m just gonna put the door back in and then I’ll show you how much cleaner it’s looking but I definitely need to wipe down the front as well because I used baking soda the only thing with that is that you can get like some chalky smears so I’m just trying to get those off now with the glass cleaner but that is pretty much it that is the oven looking so much cleaner and I know there was like a lot of footage here but every time I actually clean my oven I’m always like oh it’s actually not that bad it didn’t take that long now I’m going to clean something that I have been putting off for absolutely ages and that is our by folding doors I’ve also noticed how very dirty they are recently because it’s been getting sunnier so the way that I clean it is a little bit of washing-up liquid with some warm water a microfiber cloth and a scrubby as well for any really dried on dirt and then I’m also gonna mix one part vinegar and 1 part warm water and put it into a spray bottle I find that that works really well on glass or on mirrors as well so I’m just gonna go out get the main bits of dirt off the football marks etc and the reason that I’m doing this is we did actually use to have a window cleaner but when I looked at our finances I realized we were paying about 15 to 20 pounds a month for him and the only one like the only windows that really did bother me were these ones here and I can actually reach all of them so we decided to cancel it and that I would do it myself but it’s very rare that I actually come to doing it so I’m gonna just bite the bullet do it today so I just wash down at the outside and I’m just gonna leave that to dry off a little bit while I come indoors and wipe down the doors inside with the water and vinegar solution so yes I’m just gonna do that and then go back outside and do the vinegar solution as well I want to be doing baby dance a night away I let my hair down by one don’t you just get tired chasing Fame and feet pretty that doesn’t sound like fun you give the better let me show you what a good time looks like you can’t better so much better [Music] I [Music] silly quiz panel you can do better yeah I’m so glad that I finally got that done now I’m gonna move on to Jackson’s outdoor mud kitchen we’d love this we’ve had it since he was about 18 months old and he really does love to make soups in the bowls and play with it but for some reason there are toys absolutely everywhere so I’ve been meaning to clean this off so that he can use it a little bit more and the bowls themselves are actually quite dirty so yes oh there’s also you can’t really see on the camera but there were little loom bands all over the deck so I’m just quickly sweeping those up and then I’m going to give the mud kitchen a good wipe down to be silly baby personnel we have keep my shoes up if i won let yourself win maybe there is more to life than being pretty honey let’s just face it the better and show you what looks like it so much better [Music] next up I’m going to give our kitchen cupboards a good wipe down I’m also going to disinfect all of the handles with everything that’s going on I think that’s a sensible thing to do anyway but I also really like this product I’ve found that when I use it it doesn’t smear it cleans really well it even works on mirrors just found that out by accident but I really like using it so I’m going around doing all of the handles and then if I see any little bits of dried food or stains on the cupboards themselves I’m also going to give them a wipe [Music] tell your boss [Music] a little water believe me kick your shoe shop you don’t have to hide it little baby kicking shoes [Music] ah in the back [Music] [Music] so cupboards all clean and disinfected so now I’m going to move on to our upstairs bathroom and a job again I’ve been putting off for ages and that is the ground in our bathroom we have white tiles with white grout if I could go back in time I would have got gray grout before this I’m gonna use my water and vinegar mixture some baking soda again and then I have this little like sonic it’s like an electric toothbrush but for cleaning I found it on Amazon I’ll link it if you guys are interested but all I’m gonna do for the grout is spray my water and vinegar mixture onto all of the tiles and then I’m using a little bit of baking soda on the really dark parts like the really stained bits I would say if you do use a vinegar water mix that it does really smell my husband was like smells like a fish and chip place in here but as soon as it dries the vinegar smell completely goes and it’s such a good natural cleaner and then I went in it with my little sonic gadget I started out using one of the smaller heads and then I switched to a bigger one because I just wanted to clean as much of the tiles as possible but if you don’t have one of these I think a bit of elbow grease and a scrubby brush will do the same thing and once I had gone round and actually scrubbed all of the grouts I then just wiped it down with a damp microfiber cloth and then left it to dry and it definitely did the a lot cleaner but yes anyway I hope you guys really enjoyed this video I hope it gave you some cleaning motivation and yeah I’m just thinking of you all and you know I’m hoping Europe staying safe literally as I’ve been doing the voice-over for this video I’ve found out that the schools will be out in the UK from this Friday so expect lots of homeschool content and activities to do at home big love and yeah I’ll speak to you soon bye guys


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