Better Maintenance, Longer Lasting

When we buy stuff, and it is brand new, it looks and works great, as we use it, it loses some of that luster and my not perform the way it should.

We all know things like changing the oil in our vehicle, keeping the gutters clean, or adding a fresh coat of paint before it is needed, will help prolong the life of these things. But sometimes we neglect simple things we can do to keep our tools and equipment in good condition.

Here are some great tips from family handyman to keep stuff in good condition.

Vacuum Your Carpet Often

Vacuum Your Carpet Often

On carpet, dirt acts like thousands of little blades. Walking across a dirty carpet grinds sharp dirt particles against the yarn, making tiny nicks in the fibers. That dulls the sheen, which is why high-traffic areas appear duller than the rest of the carpet. Over time, grinding dirt will actually wear away the fibers themselves.

Bottom line: The less dirt in your carpet, the longer it will last. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum your carpet once a week. High-traffic areas will require more frequent vacuuming.


Keep Batteries Charged

Keep Batteries Charged

Batteries can deteriorate and die if they go a long time without being charged. Charge the batteries for your boat, motorcycle or riding lawn mower at least once a month in the off-season. Another option is to hook them up to a battery maintainer. A battery maintainer won’t damage your battery like a trickle charger would. A maintainer has smart monitoring circuitry that charges the battery only when it needs it. Remove the battery and store it indoors if you live in an area with severely cold winters.

MYTH: Don’t store batteries on a concrete surface.

FACT: According to the folks at Interstate Battery, “Tremendous technological improvements have been made in the seals around the battery posts and vent systems, which have virtually eliminated electrolyte seepage and migration. So, it’s OK to set or store your battery on concrete.”



Lubricate Bits and Blades

Lubricate Bits and Blades

Use Boelube to make drill bits last longer. Whenever you drill multiple holes in metal, stick the bit into the lube before starting each one. It also works on metal-cutting reciprocating and band saw blades. It reduces friction, which makes the cutting edge last longer. The product number is 70200-13, and it is available from multiple online retailers.



Rinse Your Spreader

Rinse Your Spreader

Chemicals from fertilizers speed up corrosion of the metal parts of your spreader, so rinse it out every time you use it. After it dries, coat all the moving parts with a light lubricant spray like WD-40.

Keep the Roof Clean

Keep the Roof Clean

Leaves and moss can trap water and cause your roof to deteriorate prematurely. You can blow the leaves off a low-pitched roof with a leaf blower. On steeper roofs, you can pull them off with a broom on an extension pole. And it’s wise to trim back all branches that are close to or touching the shingles.

Chemically treat mold, then sweep it off with a soft broom. A diluted bleach solution will kill mold but could also kill the plants on the ground below, so be careful to spray just enough to soak the mold itself. Specific roof cleaners containing fungicide are also available. Installing zinc strips at the peak of the roof can help keep mold at bay.




      Vacuum Your Refrigerator Coils 

       Your refrigerator has a set of coils either on the back or underneath the unit, these coils put out a lot of heat when cooling the fridge, over time the coils collect dust and hair from the air and get clogged. This causes the coils to over heat and the appliance to operate poorly. You can save up to $100 a year by cleaning your coils, and it’s not at all a difficult task.


Gas water heater

Check and Flush Water Heater

Your water heater can get loaded with sediment and minerals that are in the water and cause corrosion in side your water heater causing to run inefficiently. For more on water heater maintenance, see our article



Cleaning your Dishwasher

Thinking that your dishwasher is clean can be a fatal mistake for your machine. During normal use, grease, lime  and calcium scale, and soap scum, will build up in your machine, clogging, spray arms, piping and drains, put extra wear and tear on the pumps and motors. For instructions on cleaning your dishwasher to help it last a long time. Visit


Keeping all the things around your home clean takes a little time, but will save you a bunch of money in the long run.

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