Crystal Clear Streak Free Windows

The key to crystal clear streak-free windows is having the correct tools. So many people try using window cleaner and paper towels or even newspaper. That way works but takes a long time and usually still streaks. The best way is to have the tools the pros use, anyone can acquire them from your local hardware store or home center.

Supplies you will need:

A large pail

Micro-fiber squeegee sponge

Rubber squeegee

Easy glide window cleaner. Helps the squeegee slide on the glass

Soft clean cloths or sponge


Put the Easy Slide solution in your pail, dip the Micro-fiber sponge in the solution, getting it completely wet. Wash the entire window with the solution.

Grab your squeegee while the window is still wet and starting at the top corner of the  window, pull the squeegee across the window to the other side without stopping. Moving down until you get to the bottom of the window, then wipe the edges of the window with the clean cloth and you’re done.

Nice Job!

Here is a quick video showing you how the pro’s wash windows




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