Safe Way to De-Ice a Windshield

For those of us who have to leave our vehicle out in the snow and cold, whether at home or work. Getting the windshield clear before we start driving is a must but can be a big pain.

A lot of people will think, Yea just pour hot water on the windshield and it will be clear in no time, right? Wrong! Pouring hot water on an Ice Cold windshield is the worst thing you can do.

Your windshield is made of layers of different materials, that if expanded at different rates, as with pour hot water on them can cause them to crack and separate.

Check out the video for a great alternative.

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  1. I would like to argue that point with you but if you research this fact, it causes harding of the rubber which in turn causes cracking, it also makes the rubber loose it’s elasticity witch can cause leakage around seals, this is why rubbing alcohol is not used for cleaning seals of any sort , it falls into the same category as other solvents, feel free to research this, but love you come the “no it doesn’t it reminds me of my 6 yr old grand kid when she is trying to make a point she does not understand

  2. I use alcohol to clean my windshield wipers and have for years. I get appx 5 years it off them where as before I started cleaning them I might have gotten 3 out of a set. What you are referring to is long term full exposure to alcohol. Not the same thing. Most, if not all, winter washer fluid has alcohol in one form or another in it. I’m sure you one that already though, since you “researched” it already.

  3. All those posting about alcohol vs wiper blades realize those are consumable parts, right? They are NOT meant to last forever and under ideal conditions should be replaced at LEAST yearly.
    Check your owners’ manual…

  4. I find most cars have windshield washer fluid …. and works just as good as this ” hack” . All for free from your car manufacturers ! Hohoho merry Christmas everyone!

  5. That’s great for the outside, until your breath hits the glass on the inside. Your better off to just start it early and let warm up slowly, so you don’t crack the window from all the rock hits from the sand truck.

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