Make a Small Place Great

Moving out of your parents or dorm room in to your very own place can be really exciting. Congrats on getting your first place to call your own. You can make a small place great without spending a ton of cash.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is, how do I fill up all this emptiness.  Here are some tips on how to start.

1. Add Personality

Use your space to showcase who you are. This will also keep your place from looking too stiff. Be bold and paint a wall your favorite color or use the color for accents like throw pillows.

Cover those naked walls with art. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. There are a lot of possibilities: framed art, canvas, or simple photographs. This is a terrific way to add more of what you are into, like pictures of cars or nature. Whatever it is, it should be something that you want to look at day after day.

2. Bring in a Little Life

Consider adding some greenery when designing your bachelor pad; plants add life to your space and help purify the air. You can go with a simple succulent – which is easy to care for too – or get a beautiful orchid to add more color and charm if you have a green thumb.

Getting a pet can help you relax and reduce stress. Fish are easy to take care of and are OK to be left alone for a day or so, which is good if you are hesitant to get something with a higher level of commitment.

3. Give Everything a Place

Avoid clutter, or at least hide it well, by making sure everything has a place. Get storage containers, ottomans, or shelves— whatever it takes to make sure all of your stuff has a home, especially the small things. You can always keep storage containers in a closet.

Get an entertainment center with cabinets and drawers. Not only will this hide all of the wires that come from your gaming and home theater systems, but also it will give you a place to store controllers, games, and movies.

4. Keep it Simple

Having a killer place to hangout with friends does not mean you have to fill up every inch of space or have elaborate décor. Focusing on those things can become a slippery slope, and suddenly you look around and see that your dwelling is just an eyesore.

When it comes to trying to fill up a bare wall or fill an empty space, do not feel like you have to. It is OK to have a wall with nothing on it, or to just have something small and simple to make it feel homier.

Great tips from doityourself.com

Decorating your first place can be very rewarding, let it show others who you are!

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