Making Moving Easier!

Moving to a new location is not always an easy process. But when you decide you will be moving, it is best to get organized and start sorting non-essential items. Think about stuff you have not used in a long time if they are worth spending money to move or store.

Below are some suggestions to make your move go a little smoother, and help you get settle in your new home as quickly as possible.

Make an inventory of belongings.
If you’ve been in one place for a year or longer, you’ve probably accumulated some things that don’t need to make the move with you.

Store, sell, or donate your stuff.
After you’ve created an inventory, it’s time to start making cuts. Box up the items you want but won’t need immediately after your move, (think holiday decorations and photo albums), and put them in storage.

Budget your moving costs.
Don’t leave yourself scrambling for funds to cover last-minute or unforeseen expenses, such as the tip for your movers or additional bubble wrap. Plan ahead by setting aside the funds now.

Start packing nonessentials.
If you’re moving in July, it’s probably safe to pack your down coats in May. The same goes for any other out-of-season clothing or decorations. As you pack, label your boxes either MOVING or STORAGE so that you won’t have to guess later.

Decide which things not to take.
It’s time to take a good, hard look at the foods you have in deep freeze and ask yourself if you’ll use them before the move. Taking an arsenal of frozen food with you may unnecessarily add to your moving costs.

Make notifications and transfers.
Make sure to give your new address to your bank, insurance and utilities companies, children’s schools, the post office, and any other organizations that may send you mail.

Stash your valuables.
For peace of mind, secure irreplaceable items, like your grandmother’s wedding band, in storage or with a loved one.

This list provided by This Old House!

Of course there are other things that will be important to you and your situation. Hope your move goes very smoothly.









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