How Many Uses Does a Rubber Band Have?

Rubber bands are a great invention that can be used for so many things. In the office they hold papers together, index cards or wrap up some  pens and pencils to keep them organized and many others.

But they are also a great help around the home. We put together a list of ways to use rubber bands that you may not have thought of.

Paint Brush Scraper

Scraping the excess paint, put a large rubber band around the can so that you can wipe the brush on that and allow the excess to drip back into the paint can.


Makeshift Wallet

Just keep you cash and cards together by wrapping up your little bundle in rubber bands. It’s a super easy and cheap solution to saving space.

Makeshift Wallet:


Lid Opener

When you’re faced with a lid that won’t budge, just wrap a rubber band around it several times to give you a better grip.

Lid Opener:
photo: 50years50recipes.wordpress.com


Tool Holder

When you are working in a tight spot, keep from losing your tool down a crevice or off a ladder, hook it to your wrist.

photo: Home Spot


Door Opener

Keep a door latch from latching, for easy opening.

Rubber Band Door Stop

photo: Good Houskeeping


Page Turning

Doing a lot of reading or studying? Attaching a rubber band to your finger helps you turn pages with ease.

photo: stevenandchris

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