10 Awesome Uses for PVC Pipe

Sometimes, little things can make life a lot easier. Called hacks today, these little short cuts or tools can make getting things done easier. Using pcv pipe and fitting is a quick and cheap way to build gadgets that can make life go a little smoother.

Using pieces of pipe and end caps is great for hiding a spare key in the yard. Also works great to help carry firewood or groceries.

Check out the video for 10 fun uses for pvc pipe.


Hope you enjoyed these great hacks. Click here to check out 30 more great uses for PVC Pipe.

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  1. Lets see. Not a good idea to store bungee cords in a stretched position, weakens them over time. The cup holder is a joke because nothing is really keeping it from being tipped. And the mailbox wouldnt be legal in most cities and villages.

  2. Exactly, Harris!! And even worse yet is that PVC pipe and fittings are effing costly!! Not to mention that everything he made looked ugly. Like chunks of pipe put together. I don’t know anyone that would want to use any of those ideas. Lol! Horrible. I want the time back that I lost watching that video!

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