Mounting Your TV On The Wall




Installing a TV mount is an easy DIY project that you can accomplish in a short amount of time with just a few tools.

The first question to ask after determining where you want to to install your TV is, What type of material is my wall made of?

Most house framing is made of either wood or concrete block, which is then covered with plaster, drywall (sheetrock) or some type of wood.Wall Framing

Wood framing uses vertical studs in the walls, with finished wall material nailed or screwed to it. 

When mounting your TV to this type of wall, your mounting screws for the bracket need to go into the studs to make sure it will stay on the wall. Use a pilot bit, slightly smaller than the screw or lag bolt you are using to mount your bracket to keep from splitting the stud.


Concrete Block Wall

Many houses today are being constructed of concrete block as it is stronger than wood.  3/4″ wood furring strips are then installed to the interior and the finished wall material is installed on the wood.

If you have block construction, you will need to anchor your TV bracket into the block, as the furring strips will not hold the weight of your TV. It is best to drill thru the furring strip and then into the block for more support.

You will need a masonry bit to drill into the concrete and the proper anchors to secure the bracket. Your TV mount my come with plastic anchors for concrete mounting, but we highly suggest not using these anchors. See using the correct anchors from the family handyman.
Check out the video below for easy mounting instructions of your TV.

We hope this has helped you get your TV properly mounted on the wall.


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