Mounting Your TV On The Wall

With the introduction of flat screen TV’s comes the ability to mount your TV on the wall, so it is up higher and moves to different angles for better viewing from anywhere in the room.  There are many different sizes and types of mounts made for just about any TV and any situation, whether you need it stationary, tilt up or down or move from side to side, you will find one to fit your needs.

Mounting the TV on the wall will also help prevent accidental tip over, which can lead to damage and injury.

The most important aspect of picking the correct TV mount is choosing one that is rated for the size and weight of your TV. Going with the cheapest, may cause you installation issues and may cause the TV to not hang securely on the wall.

Watch the video below to see the Top 5 TV mounts on the market today. If you already have your mount or after you purchased one, go to the next page for help with the installation.


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