DIY Kitchen Cookbook Stand

It doesn’t matter whether you love grandma’s old cookbook or you love your new iPad for keeping your favorite recipes. Keeping it convenient and readable can be a tough task while trying to put together your favorite meal. Having a cookbook stand you can place wherever you want will help make this easier.

Making your own cookbook stand, that will not only hold your favorite recipes, will look great on your kitchen counter.

Courtney Says;  “I came across this amazing idea and though, I had never worked with copper tubing before, I just HAD to try my hand at it. I’m always nervous to work with new media/material for the first time but I seriously could make a zillion of these beautiful, classy recipe book stands!”

This easy DIY cookbook stand from is made from ½” copper tubing and a few fittings.


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She says to make this adorable stand it cost about about $25 and used these materials which can be found at your local hardware or home store.

I took about an hour to put it all together.

-1/2″x5′ Type L Copper Tube

-junior tube cutter

-1/2″ copper tees (2)

-1/2″ copper 90˚ angle elbows (2)

-1/2″ copper street elbows (2)

-1/2″ copper caps (4)

-measuring tape




Check out her cute video on putting the stand together.

To see her complete step by step instructions visit

Though she guides us thru the size she made, you can make to fit you size book or tablet. You can even made it to fit an smart phone if that is what you use for you recipes.

If this stand is a little out of your budget, or copper is just not your thing.

This cookbook stand can also be made from PVC pipe and fittings. I will cost a less than copper and can be painted to match any decor.









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