Fixture Protection During Construction

Whether you are doing a remodel or new construction, plumbing fixtures like a tub or shower base are one of the first pieces that need to be installed. They need to be set before wall board, tile, paint and many other fixtures.

Fixture protection during construction is not always an easy task. You try using drop clothes and plastic sheeting, but securing them to the sides of the fixtures and keep it there is hard to accomplish. You install some tape to hold the plastic in place and then it either gets stuck under the items you put over it or the glue sticks to your tub and is hard to get off.

After fighting with this issue for a number of years I discovered a product that works wonders to solve this issue.

Using Pro-Tect tub protector, for a $ 20 you can protect you fixture for as long as you need to, then it just peels off for a nice clean finish.

Check out this short video to see how it works…

I have found that placing a piece of cardboard on the bottom after installing Pro-Tech, will add some extra protection.

You can also use this on sinks and other fixtures that may also need protecting during your construction project.

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