How to Install a Retractable Screen Door


My name’s Aaron Massey from mr, Fixit diy com and welcome back, to another, episode of home, school for, today’s project.

I’m going, to show you how you can install a retractable screen door for just about any doorway about a year ago. I worked on this covered patio edition for some friends of mine and they’ve decided that they want to add a screen door in addition to their French doors so that they can open it up and get some airflow without worrying about bugs or critters.

So that’s what I’ll be adding today, I rate these projects by how many f bombs you’re, likely to drop while tackling the project. This one is really easy. You just might need an extra set of hands, depending on the size of the door that you’re installing this episode of homeschooled is brought to you by sabotage comm, who sent over the Brisa retractable screen door that I’m going to be installing this Video to check out all the sizes and styles of screen doors they offer make sure you visit their website at sabotage calm before I got started with this project. The first thing I needed to do was measure the existing door to make sure that I ordered the proper size for the door.

This type of screen door face mounts over the door, trim around the door and is adjustable in width by about four inches. It’s also important to note whether your doors are in swing or out swing doors. In this case, the edge of the term around the door is 70 inches by 80 inches and there in swing doors with the proper door ready to go installing. It is really simple: first, I can lay out all the components that come with the door and assemble them the metal silicides into a groove in the bottom track, and then the bottom and top tracks can be snapped into the side pieces making sure the screen aligns With the tracks on the top and bottom once everything is snapped together, the whole assembly can be stood up and placed into the door jamb making sure to align the metal sill on the bottom to the center of the doorway.

Retractable screen door

Next, I can attach the side rails in place on the doors trim with the included self tapping screws. In this case, I pre drilled the holes because I’m working with concrete composite trim for the bottom sill. The instructions say where to place the four screws to hold it down to the existing doors sill. So I’ll lay out and Mark the measurements and screw it into place. Then I’ll slide the included track extenders into place for a more finished. Look. The extensions can be notched around the jamb, with a razor blade. Much like the existing French doors. This screen door has an active and a fixed panel, so I’ll pull out and align the fixed panel side with the center of the doorway and mark the holes for the stops and then drill holes in the top trim and bottom sill to hold the Fix channel in place Music and lastly, I can just test the functionality of the door and make sure everything moves smoothly.

Well, that’s it for this project. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you learned something: adding a retractable screen door is a relatively simple project. You can knock out in about a half an hour. You might need an extra set of hands, depending on the size, your door, but it’s really straightforward project. I want to say a special thank you to sabotage comm for sponsoring this project and for sending over the Brisa retractable screen door that I used in this video and if you guys would like to get your own retractable screen door, you can use the promo code. Mr Fixit 10 for 10 off your order and, as always, if you guys want to check out more of my DIY or home improvement related projects, you can click the link to those right here or you can always visit my website that mr Fixit DIY calm. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Music!



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