Adding a Slide Out Garbage Drawer

Finding a place to hide the garbage can in the kitchen is always a challenge. You just stick it under the sink, where you need to pull it out to use it, Stick it in the pantry, where you need to walk to get to it with a handful of stuff, or just leave it at the end of the counter where it looks ugly and you smell it all the time.

If you have a cabinet you can spare, near your sink or in an island where scrapes can make it in easy, these are great places to put a slide out garbage drawer.

This DIY project can be done in an hour or two with a kit from

First you take off the door completely and remove the hinge hardware.

Then you follow the instructions on the kit and assemble the pull-out trash unit.  It will tell you where to mark the screw holes on the sides of the cabinets and attached the slides.


Here is a great video from Rev a shelf on install the hidden trash can system.


If you don’t have a cabinet you can spare for installing a slide out garbage drawer and you have a large enough sink cabinet, you can install an under sink roll out bracket. See Them Here!




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