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DIY Cleaning Hacks (Chemistry Life Hacks Vol. 6)


You run, out, of your go to cleaner. The store is a little too far away, but you just can t let that mess sit.


All the more reason to get yourself acquainted with these masterful.


Diy chemistry.




Hacks to help keep your house looking sparkly with all the evidence you need to back it up Reactions, Intro 1, Win for Windows.


This time around, you realized you ran out of that blue stuff and those windows aren t going to shine themselves Here s the trick.


Take your empty bottle of glass, cleaner and add 2 cups of water, a cup of vinegar and cup of 70 concentrate rubbing alcohol.


Put the lid back on the sprayer and have at those windows.


Vinegar is a fantastic, cleaner.


It s, mostly water and acetic acid. The acetic acid is the the secret behind its cleaning capacity.


Acetic acid sits at 2 4 on the pH scale VERY acidic Because of the acidity vinegar can eat away at mineral deposits that have found their way onto your windows from moisture and dust in the air.


But adding that rubbing alcohol to your mix makes a big difference: Alcohol dissolves, greasy dirt like fingerprints really well So the vinegar chomps up the grit, while the alcohol sops up the grease, leaving your windows, nice and clear 2 Red White.


It s party time and the red wine has hit you as hard as it s about to hit the white carpet.


You re standing on Spilling red wine seems like a doomsday party foul, but don t panic there s some chemistry for that.


red wine spill

First thing to remember when dealing with red wine stains is to act fast, Run and grab a bottle of the nearest high proof, clear liquor, Vodka gin or white rum will work No don t drink it.


Take the liquor and keep applying it to the stain while soaking it up with a rag or paper towel.


Until it s all gone Red wine is red because of several pigments, such as anthocyanins, which are alcohol soluble.


So when you pour on a higher concentration of alcohol, the colors dissolve into that rather than drying up in the carpet.


As you continue to apply more alcohol, the Red color dilutes and can be soaked up With all the excess alcohol in the rag Finish it off. With some nice plain water, then grab yourself some water too, to stave off that hangover 3 Spit On it.


So here s a tip that may seem a little counterintuitive when it comes to cleaning.


If you ve got a little bit of a hardened food stain on a countertop or hard floor, you can use your own spit to help get the stuff up Inside your saliva.


Is an enzyme called amylase that s used as one of the first steps of digestion in your body? Amylase speeds up the process of breaking down starches into easier to deal with simpler sugars.


You may have noticed when you eat certain starchy foods like potatoes or crackers.


They have a slightly sweet taste when you chew them.


This is amylase in action and this same principle can be used to break down food spills into easier to rinse parts.


So for all the life hackers out there who can t help but want more here s a whole bunch of other videos from the chemistry life hacks series There, some great stuff in here so don t miss Stay tuned.


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