Clear a Bath Tub Drain


So your bathtub drain is still clogged? If that is the case you will want to pull the cover or stopper from the drain and clear out and debris that is in there. See the video below on how to accomplish this.


Well we hope you have cleared your bathtub drain. If neither of these things worked you may have to go deeper or call a drain specialist. If you want to tackle this yourself and save the cost of a professional, Great. See the Next Page for the next step to clearing your drain issue.


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  1. Why not just use a two foot plastic hand snake with ribs on it. All you do is put it in the drain hole and twist it as your pushing it in. Once it’s in all the way, continue twisting the same way and pull out. Usually it will take like two maybe three times and your drain will work great. And it cost around two dollars but should be no more than five.

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