Awesome Hot Tubs Around the World


We all love a dip in a nice hot tub, having one in your backyard is a wonderful way to relax after a hard days work.

But entering a hot tub while on a vacation away from it all, seems to be much more relaxing.

See these wonderful tubs most of us just dream of enjoying.


In a secluded Snowy Forest

Hot Tub in a Snowy Forest [1024 x 768]

Photo: Imgur


In an Igloo in Switzerland

igloo hot tub

Hot tub at Zermatt Iglu Village, Switzerland


Checking out the lights in Norway.

norway northern lights hot tub

Photo: Imgur



On a cliff in Santorini Greece


On Top of the World, in Dubai.

dubai hot tub

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A romantic cave tub in Italy.

cave pool room

Photos: Studio F


And the one for your own backyard.

giant hot tub

Photo: spambient

Hope this little soak helped you relax.


11 Helpful Kitchen Gadgets less than $15

We all need kitchen gadgets that help us get a job done a little, quicker, easier, faster or with less mess or waste.

Check out these gadgets that will be help full in any kitchen that customers have highly rated, for under $15.


The all important knife sharpener.


Enjoy fresh corn without the mess of eating from the cob.


Slice and easily extract your melons.


Easy Onion – Vegetable holder and slicer.

Easy Onion Holder Slicer Vegetable Tools Tomato Cutter Stainless Steel Kitchen Gadgets No More Stinky Hands



LUCENTEE- High Quality, Heat Resistant Silicone Spatulas are Guaranteed to Protect your food, your Loved ones & your Non-Stick pans.




Tried of scrubbing your Crock Pot?

Crock pot bags


Perfect for zesting citrus without getting that nasty white stuff. Also works well with cheese.



OXO Good Grips – Perfect for cutting dough, sectioning pie crusts, and more.


Utopia Kitchen – Stainless Steel Spiral Pineapple Corer


BuW – 3in1 Multi-function Avocado Slicer Peeler Cutter&Core Remover



Artisan – Nonstick baking mats are fantastic, and you can use them in place of foil or parchment.







Make a Table Saw Miter Jig

A compound miter saw is one of the best tools you can have in your shop if you make a lot of angle cut for projects you are working on. If you don’t have one or have room for one, and you have a table saw, it works just as well. You will find yourself using the table saw to make miter cut easily once you have a jig for it.

While most table saws come with a miter fence, they are not always so accurate, or they are too small to properly hold your work.

Here is a great table saw miter jig that will help you to make perfect cuts every time.

Make the perfect cut.


To cut a perfect mitre, lay your pieces out and for each mitre joint mark one of the pieces with an ‘A’ and the other piece with a ‘B’.  Place the piece marked ‘A’ on the ‘A’ side of the jig and make the cut.  Place the other piece, marked ‘B’ on the other side and make the cut.  The result will be a perfect 90-degree mitre joint.  Most mitre joints will be cut on stock that will adequately register against a shallow fence as shown, if you need to cut a number of joints at the full depth of the blade you might consider building a jig with a taller fence.

P1000511 P1000530

See complete instructions on making your jig at

Important Safe Ladder Practices

Most homeowners will need to use a ladder at some point, whether to change a light bulb, paint your house, clean gutters or windows. Most people will think that a ladder is a pretty common tool around the house that is so simple to use, they don’t think about the safety aspect of proper use of a ladder.

Among construction workers, an estimated 81% of fall injuries treated in U.S. emergency departments, involve a ladder and 43% of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder.  (according to the CDC),  And these are the trained professionals.

Safe Climbing Habits, from the folks at Werner Ladder.
Ladders are common tools that many people assume they know how to climb safely, when in fact they may not. Safe and efficient use of ladders is not complicated or difficult but it does require that the users practice proper ladder safety habits.




Properly set-up and use the ladder in accordance with safety instructions and warnings. Wear shoes with non-slip soles.
Center body on the ladder and keep belt buckle between the rails while maintaining a firm grip.
Haul materials with a line rather than carry them up an extension ladder. Use extra caution when carrying anything on a ladder.
Climb facing the ladder, move one step at a time and firmly set one foot before moving the other.
Have another person help with a heavy ladder. Have another person hold the ladder while you are working on it.
Move materials with extreme caution so as not to lose balance or tip the ladder.


DON’T stand above the second step from the top of a stepladder or the fourth rung from the top of an extension ladder.
DON’T climb a closed stepladder. DON’T climb on the back of a stepladder. DON’T stand or sit on a stepladder top or pail shelf.
DON’T climb a ladder if you are not physically and mentally up to the task.
DON’T place the base of an extension ladder too close to or too far away from the building.
DON’T over-reach, lean to one side or try to move a ladder while on it. Climb down and then reposition the ladder closer to your work.
DON’T exceed the maximum load capacity or duty rating of a ladder. DON’T permit more than one person on a single-sided stepladder or an extension ladder.

Awesome Uses For a Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue guns are an awesome tool for the DIYer. They can help you put all kinds of crafts together. The glue dries almost  instantly, it just needs to cool to room temperature.

When doing wood working instead of spending hours waiting for wood glue to dry, use hot glue that dries in minutes along with the wood glue that will make the strong bond.

Hot glue will hold things like paper and ribbon together permanently. Some products it will not hold on to for a long time or if too much pressure is applied.

To protect the surface you are working on use a silicone work mat, where any glue you spill on the mat will come right off.


Use extreme caution when working with a hot glue gun as it can cause severe burns.

The hot glue gun is very useful on hand when woodworking and doing DIYs. Here are some interesting ways to use hot glue, which you might not have thought of!


Hot glue from a gun isn’t the strongest bonding glue, but you can use stronger glue on an item and some hot glue to keep it in place until the strong glue cures.


13 Weird Must Know Life Hacks

Life Hacks are little tip and tricks that make your life a little easier. Some can be very helpful to your life, but others will have people saying, what are you thinking?

  • Little things like using the bread wrapper ties for tying up your plants rather than toss them away.
  • Fill a ziplock 1/2 way with water and add some rubbing alcohol, put it in the freezer for a great ice pack for injuries.
  • Tying a bright colored cloth on your luggage for easy identification at the airport.
  • Tossing a wet sponge in a ziplock and put it in the freezer to make an ice pack.

Some hacks are out there just to have fun with and others are really helpful.

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30 Great Hacks Using PVC Pipe

We usually think of PVC pipe being used for the plumbing in our home or maybe out on the farm.

PVC pipe can be so useful in every day situations. Use a short piece of 2″ to keep computer of extension cords organized. Make a paper towel holder for your work shop or garage.

With a little imagination there are many other awesome things we can do with this pipe. You can make all kinds of things that can make life a little easier.

Please remember that PVC is only a form of hard plastic. It can and will break if too much weight or force is applied and injuries can occur. Please use caution when using anything made from PVC.

Here are 10 ideas to get your mind rolling.

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8 Great Wood Shop Hacks

When you are working in your wood shop or outdoors doing a project with wood, you don’t always have all the tools you need. Coming up with alternatives in these situations will help you get the job done with out heading out to the local lumber yard or hardware store.

Check out this great video with some pretty neat wood shop hacks for when you are working in the wood shop.

Plants That Repel Mosquito’s

repel with citronella grass

Now that summer is here and the weather is warmer, we like to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Unfortunately nature likes to enjoy us as well, in the form of blood sucking mosquito’s.

Lucky for us there are a number of plants that repel mosquito’s, so we can guard against them without using harsh chemicals.

Lemon Balm

7 Plants That Repel InsectsAnother great choice for a mosquito repelling plant is lemon balm. A member of the mint family, the plant also known as horsemint and beebalm is a very easy plant for beginning gardeners to grow- even if you don’t have a green thumb! Lemon Balm is a very hardy plant, it resists drought, and it grows well even in shade. It is a very fast growing and sometimes aggressive plant, so you might want to contain it to a pot, where you can move it to wherever you like to ensure that it doesn’t take over your garden! An added bonus? You can dry the leaves and use them to make a delicious herbal tea!


Citronella PlantChances are, you’ve heard of this one before- it’s one of the most common ingredients in most mosquito repellents. Strange enough though, many people don’t even know that citronella is actually a plant! Citronella is a beautiful perennial clumping grass that emits a strong aroma. That aroma masks other scents, and keeps mosquitoes from being attracted to things located around it. The citronella plant has a much stronger aroma than other mosquito repellents that contain citronella, so it is a great choice. Citronella is very easy to grow, and can get to be a very tall 5 or 6 feet high! You can grow citronella in pots and place it around a porch or patio, or you can plant it directly in a yard or garden bed. It’s a great choice for repelling mosquitoes naturally.

You can actually buy live citronella plants from this page on Amazon. There’ll be no need to wait for seeds to grow – you can start repelling mosquitoes immediately.


7 Plants That Repel InsectsYour feline friends will be happy to know that catnip is a great mosquito deterrent! In fact, in a 2010 study, researchers found that catnip is 10 times more effective than DEET, the ingredient commonly found in bug repellents. It is a very easy plant to grow, and if you have cats in the house, they will surely be happy to have it around. However, be careful not to plant catnip in with other flowers, veggies, or herbs if you have cats around your garden. They will surely roll around in the catnip and smash everything nearby!




11 Plants That Repel MosquitoesCalling all cooks! Want a double whammy when it comes to mosquito protection? Plant some basil! Not only will you have a quick and easy mosquito repellent, you will also have a delicious fresh herb on hand to add to all of your favorite recipes! There are many different varieties of basil around, so feel free to experiment and find the ones that you like best. Many expert gardeners recommend trying lemon basil or cinnamon basil to deter insects. Plus basil is one of the easiest herbs to keep alive – even the biggest novice can manage it!




Most plants in the lemon or mint family will repel the little buggers. For more plants that repel them visit


Wonderful Uses for Epsom Salt.

Epsom Salt was discovered in England back in the 17th century by a farmer in the town of Epsom. Since it’s discovery, many beneficial uses have been found for it.

Epsom Salt, is not salt as we normally think of it, but a mineral compound, Magnesium Sulfate.

Epsom Salt is used for health and medicinal reasons as well as in agriculture.



Global medical studies have shown that a good percentage of the worlds population are lacking in magnesium, even in developed countries. Magnesium levels in our bodies have been decreasing for the last 30 – 40 years on a global basis. This decrease is due, in the main, from over irrigation of agricultural land thereby leaching essential minerals (magnesium) and other trace elements from the soils. The ever increasing and over use of prescribed medication is also responsible for decreased levels of magnesium in our bodies. Add to this the use of illegal drugs, the over consumption of fast and modified foods, the excesses of alcohol and cigarettes and the general unfavourable lifestyle choices that some make, these all then take a toll on depleting our bodies of the essential and vital mineral magnesium.  


The benefits to be derived from the use of Epsom Salt are numerous and profound, including regulating the activity of over 350 enzymes in the body. Magnesium also assists in the prevention of artery hardening, heart disease and strokes. Magnesium flushes toxins from the body, eases migraine headaches, reduces high blood pressure, improves relaxation and induces a deeper and more concentrated sleep. Magnesium is historically well known to sooth sore and tired muscles and reduces inflammation.  Using Epsom Salt produces serotonin, a mood elevating chemical within the brain which results in a feeling of calm, content and relaxation. Bathing in Epsom Salt eases various skin ailments such as psoriasis and eczema.



Use In The Garden & Landscape

Epsom Salt is highly recommended by expert growers to be used on your vegetables but also in the landscape. It is fairly safe, inexpensive and the benefits of adding it to soil to improve plants is well worth the cost. It has been used in gardens for hundreds of years as a “natural fertilizer”. When sprayed or diluted and used as a drench liquid it is much more quickly “available” for use by plants.

Better Flowering, More & Stronger Blooms – Although there is no “firm” scientific study to back the claim… many seasoned gardeners swear that the addition of Epsom salt to their flower garden greatly improves the colors and textures of the flowers they grow. Plants are stronger and produce more blooms. Incorporate Epsom salt into the soil at time of planting and also use as a liquid when watering every 2 to 3 weeks on a regular basis.



Epsom Salt is also helpful in removing a splinter, you have have gotten working it the garden, from your hand or foot, it helps to increase the osmotic pressure of the skin and help draw out a splinter.