Awesome Uses For a Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue guns are an awesome tool for the DIYer. They can help you put all kinds of crafts together. The glue dries almost  instantly, it just needs to cool to room temperature.

When doing wood working instead of spending hours waiting for wood glue to dry, use hot glue that dries in minutes along with the wood glue that will make the strong bond.

Hot glue will hold things like paper and ribbon together permanently. Some products it will not hold on to for a long time or if too much pressure is applied.

To protect the surface you are working on use a silicone work mat, where any glue you spill on the mat will come right off.


Use extreme caution when working with a hot glue gun as it can cause severe burns.

The hot glue gun is very useful on hand when woodworking and doing DIYs. Here are some interesting ways to use hot glue, which you might not have thought of!


Hot glue from a gun isn’t the strongest bonding glue, but you can use stronger glue on an item and some hot glue to keep it in place until the strong glue cures.


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