Make a Table Saw Miter Jig

A compound miter saw is one of the best tools you can have in your shop if you make a lot of angle cut for projects you are working on. If you don’t have one or have room for one, and you have a table saw, it works just as well. You will find yourself using the table saw to make miter cut easily once you have a jig for it.

While most table saws come with a miter fence, they are not always so accurate, or they are too small to properly hold your work.

Here is a great table saw miter jig that will help you to make perfect cuts every time.

Make the perfect cut.


To cut a perfect mitre, lay your pieces out and for each mitre joint mark one of the pieces with an ‘A’ and the other piece with a ‘B’.  Place the piece marked ‘A’ on the ‘A’ side of the jig and make the cut.  Place the other piece, marked ‘B’ on the other side and make the cut.  The result will be a perfect 90-degree mitre joint.  Most mitre joints will be cut on stock that will adequately register against a shallow fence as shown, if you need to cut a number of joints at the full depth of the blade you might consider building a jig with a taller fence.

P1000511 P1000530

See complete instructions on making your jig at thewoodworkersnews.com

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