13 Weird Must Know Life Hacks

Life Hacks are little tip and tricks that make your life a little easier. Some can be very helpful to your life, but others will have people saying, what are you thinking?

  • Little things like using the bread wrapper ties for tying up your plants rather than toss them away.
  • Fill a ziplock 1/2 way with water and add some rubbing alcohol, put it in the freezer for a great ice pack for injuries.
  • Tying a bright colored cloth on your luggage for easy identification at the airport.
  • Tossing a wet sponge in a ziplock and put it in the freezer to make an ice pack.

Some hacks are out there just to have fun with and others are really helpful.

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  1. Rethink #7. If I catch someone I know whom is definitely not disabled, parking in ANY disabled parking spot…I WILL CALL THEM OUT RIGHT THERE!! Those places are marked for A REASON.

    1. Hi Kathy, Thanks for your comment and concern. Quick note, we are not the producers of the video, we just shared it.
      While I do agree with you and park away from the entrances to allow those who need to be close have them.
      Being a contractor I need to be aware of this stuff and the law states that for it to be a legal handicap spot, it must be marked with an appropriate vertical sign not a pavement marker.

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