Teens Volunteer for Home Repairs

Through out Georgia, teen volunteers, a long with adult supervisors from different church youth groups around the state and pitching in to help those in need get their home repairs done.

About 200 teens pitched in to do yard work, fix things, pressure wash and paint houses.

Six churches from Georgia are working with River of Life program. This year’s project includes at least one roof repair, installing a wheelchair ramp, and over 20 paint jobs throughout Macon-Bibb County.

But the project is about more than just having fun. For Henneman and other River of Life volunteers, it’s about giving back. “I think it’s cool that you can come and not preach to people and not tell them that they have to believe what you believe,” said Henneman. “Just show them what you believe by fixing up their house and helping them out without asking for anything in return.”

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