Replace Damaged Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very durable and flexible product, but is can still get damaged. A branch falling from a tree or an errant baseball, or wind can dent or crack the siding on your home.

Replacing a piece of vinyl siding is about the easiest of sidings to repair, even in the middle of a wall. Vinyl siding is made where the pieces interlock vertically across the wall. Because they are flexible they can be separated from each other without damaging them, making them easy to remove and replace.

It is best to do these repair during warmer weather as the vinyl does get brittle when it gets cold.

If you are fortunate to have some spare pieces around you can replace the damaged section easily and no one will be able to tell. If you don’t have a matching piece, and can’t get the color or style you need, you can use a piece from an area that is not seen and use a piece that is close in color in the unseen area. We have even changed a whole backside of a garage with a different color, so we could use the matching material on the front of the house.

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  1. What about damaged vertical corner trim or window trim replacement (due to damage). I busted up one with a weed trimmer once, and determined it was not practically feasible to remove & replace this piece due to the siding covering the anchor screws and the U-channel design which encloses the siding edges.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Yes corners and window/door trim is harder to replace than the field siding. It can be done but takes some time and effort. Removing the shorter pieces of siding on the wall and removing the nails from the longer pieces a bout 4′ back, you can gently move the siding out of the way to get to the nails on the corner.
      If you only broke the bottom and have a corner piece that matches. You can cut the corner above the damage and insert a short piece on the bottom. make it slightly longer than the part you cut out and slide it under so the seam will be less noticeable. Hope this helps.

  2. I never knew that vinyl was so easy to take care of. It makes sense that it’s best to do repairs on siding during the summer, when it’s warm, and you don’t have to worry about harsh, cold weather. I’ll be sure to remember that in case my siding every needs repairing.

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