Repairing Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding closet doors are nice because they take up less floor space in a small room. If not maintained properly they will start to have issues. Lubricating the wheels and checking all that the screws are secure on a regular basis, will help keep your doors on track.

When a door does start to have issues, you may need to replace the wheels or the track, this is a simple DIY project that shouldn’t take long.

Of course there are numerous types of doors, tracks and manufacturers, each with there own style and parts.

If you have glass or mirrored sliding doors skip to page 2.

Many times the Floor guide that keeps the bottom of the doors aligned will break or come loose, which will cause the door to operate improperly or come off it’s track. This is the first thing to check when the doors are not working properly.

If the guide is Ok, the next thing to check is the track and rollers screws to be sure they are tight, if they are then see if they are damaged, removing the doors is the best way to accomplish this. Remove the floor guide, from the back of the door loosen any adjusting screws on the wheels so the door drops to its lowest setting, then pull the bottom of the door towards you about 6″ and lift it off the track.

You may need to replace the wheels or the track if they are damaged. Here is a great video showing you how to accomplish this task.

Great to have your doors moving properly again.


If you have glass or mirror sliding doors go to page 2.


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