Install Toilet Flush Valve Seal.

If you find that your toilet is leaking from between the tank and the bowl, it is most likely that the toilet flush valve seal or sponge gasket is worn or deteriorated, or that the tank hold down bolt gasket has started to leak.

This is a simple repair that will take about 15 minutes once you have obtained the parts. You can purchase a complete rebuild kit which will have all of the parts needed to do the job correctly. When replacing a flush valve you will also want to replace the tank bolts and rubber washers.

You will only need a few basic tools to complete this repair.

  • A bucket and sponge to remove excess water from the tank and to clean up when the project is finished.
  • A large flat head screw driver.
  • Adjustable wrench or deep socket wrench set.
  • Pair of large water pump pliers or pipe wrench.
  • A flat metal cutting saw may be required if the bolts are too corroded for them to unthread.

On the next page you will find a very detailed video by to guide you thru the process if you need help!


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