Replacing Your Shower and Tub Trim

Replacing  your shower and tub trim can make a world of difference in the look of your bathroom without a major renovation. A new trim kit will come in a number of different finishes, so you will to really make your bath shine. You can replace the handles, escutcheon (trim around the handles),  tub spout, shower head and arm, without replacing the valve and piping.

You will need to know the manufacturer of your faucet in order to get the appropriate replacement parts. Most major companies have their name stamped right on the escutcheon and make it easy to find. Some may be a no-name brand, that is not as easy, but a universal kit may work.

If you cannot figure out which brand you have, take off the handle and escutcheon and take them to your local plumbing store for some help. It may be a good idea to take these parts with you even if you know the brand as there are still differences between models from the same manufacturer.

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