Wood Pallet Disassembly!

You have your pallets and want to start building something! But wood pallet disassembly can be time consuming and hard work. Most DIY beginners will start with a ply bar and a hammer, which is rough on the hands and arms and also can be very damaging to the wood itself.

Not everyone minds a little hard work and the satisfaction tearing stuff apart, but if you want to get the job done a little easier, using a reciprocating saw (Sawzall) with a 12″metal cutting blade, can make the job of dismantling your pallets a lot easier and will help keep the wood from splitting.

If you plan to do any type of pallet work or any renovation jobs around your home a reciprocating saw is a great investment. Check out our page on idea of things you can build with wood pallets.

The video below will show you how easy it is to take apart a pallet.

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  1. I heat my house during daytime hrs with recycled wooden pallets, also have made some shop shelving and bookcases with pallets. And best of all it’s free lumber except some labour.

  2. A 24inch 2×4 and l use a 48 inch 2×4 as a pry bar close to edge of nails with slight pressure just so l can get nails to loosen up after you hear the nails letting go just one quick down motion works great with minimal boards damage.

  3. You people are either IGNORANT or pretty STUPID. …….most (not all ) pallets have at some stage been in a fumigated container and WILL contain poison in the form of Formaldahyde residue. If you dont know the full history of the pallet your using, DONT handle it without gloves, dont sand it, dont cut it, dont burn it…..just leave it alone and put it in the rubbish ……unless you like POISONING yourself !

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