Using Pocket Screws [Video]

Do you use Pocket Screws? Wait, what is a pocket screw you ask? Well it ‘s not a bunch of screws you carry around in your pocket when you are building cabinets or furniture.

A pocket screw is used in wood working to join pieces of wood together while keeping the screws hidden and from splitting the wood. They produce one of the strongest joints for connecting wood, as the screws pull everything together.

The holes for pocket screws are drilled on such an angle that the screw enters the joining piece where it is the strongest.

To make the hole for pocket screws you will need a few tools that you don’t find in every tool box.

Pocket Hole Jig. You could do it by hand but it very difficult.

Pocket Hole Drill Bit. This is a special bit that is stepped so it makes 2 different size holes at the same time.

Screw gun or variable speed drill

Some wood clamps


Pocket screws

In this video April will show you how to drill and install pockets screws using the Kreg Pocket Jig.

Pocket screws are much faster than dowels or dovetails.

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