Don’t Trash Old Cordless Tool Batteries.

Do you have old rechargeable NiCad cordless tool batteries that just won’t take a charge any longer? Don’t throw them in the trash.

As Do It Yourselfer’s we like to have our tools and who wants to be limited by a power cord? But the bad part about battery operated tools is the batteries eventually get weak or die.

If you are tired of spending a ton of money on new batteries, there are a number of ways that they can be revived.

But please if none of them work for your batteries, take them to a recycling facility, they are very bad for the environment when put in the trash.

I have not tested any of these methods yet, but will let you know my results when I do.

The first thing to try if the charger won’t charge the battery and says to replace it. Try repeatedly unplugging and plugging in the charge, with the battery in the charger, until it begins to charge. Plugging the charger into an outlet with a switch will make this easier.

Here is a great video on how this works.

If this little trick doesn’t work, you basically need to “jump start” the battery. The next video will show you an easy way to do this.

Good luck with getting those batteries back up and working. Let us know how you make out with your battery repair.

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