[Video] Backer Rod for Filling Gaps

When you have a gap in your concrete, along a wall or in the middle of your sidewalk that you want to close up. The best way to do this is with some backer rod before installing sealant.
Use it to fill most of the gap. When applying you will want the backer rod to be slightly larger then the gap and press it into the gap until you have about 1/4″ space above the rod. Then fill the top of the gap with either a Urethane or Elastomeric sealant.

Watch this great video on installing backer rod and sealant.

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Home Depot’s HDX Elastomeric Acrylic Caulk is a premium quality elastomeric acrylic caulk designed for all

HDX 10 oz. Premium Elastomeric Plus Silicone Caulk

purpose sealing and weatherproofing for interior or exterior applications. Use for caulking areas that m
ay experience movement and may or may not be painted over. Provides a permanently flexible, crack-proof seal that is ideal for sealing out water and air leaks.


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  1. I’ve used it in concrete stucco and brick and it works great….. You could also fill with mortar or caulking And you don’t have to worry about a cracking over and over again or shrinking two far

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