Which Screw Head is Better

There is always discussion as to what is the best type of slot for the head of a screw. Over the years manufacturers have tried many different styles. The most common used today are the straight slot, Phillips, Robertson (square) and the Torx (star).

The straight slot was the most common for years, but the issue with them is they have a tendency of stripping when to much pressure is applied, especially when trying to back out an old screw. The Robertson, though designed in the early 19oo’s in Canada, didn’t really see much use elsewhere until the 1970’s. The Phillip bit patented in the early 1960’s became the go to bit for many screw manufactures. The Torx, even thought designed in 1967 took some time to catch on, as the screw industry was reluctant to retool their machines.

So now the big debate comes as to which screw head is better? The battle seems to come down to basically the Robertson vs the Torx. They both have better grabbing power with less strip out than any other types of common screw heads, but is one better than the other?

This video shows a great comparison of these 2 types of screws, check it out and let us know your thoughts and experiences.




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