USB Outlet Chargers

In this fast changing world of technology, with all the cell phones, tables and other gadgets we have now using USB technology, find a place to plug then in is getting harder.

Manufacturers are starting to make many different types of USB outlets you can install where you currently have electric outlets. You can install them in a new location if you are handy.

With so many devices using USB to charge the batteries, the new USB outlet will really make life more convenient.

Put them in your kitchen so you have recipes handy on your tablet.

Kitchen Outlet


Not sure how to change an outlet, just plug this in to an existing one.

Plug in USB

When you travel, take a power cube with you, for where ever you need a USB outlet.

Power cube




Need more space behind your furniture, Installing a recessed outlet panel can help, Configure the plugs any way you want.

Recessed Electric panel




Install one of these on the floor under a desk, on top of a desk. Install one on the kitchen counter top.

Pop up Floor outlets

The Brushed-Stainless Pop-Up Floor Box from Garvin Industries includes (2) pre-installed, 20 Amp receptacles and (2) USB Receptacles. The kit also includes a 4″ square adjustable-height wiring box that allows outlets to be mounted in locations where wall outlets are not available. These kits are great for use in conjunction with electric furniture (like heated recliners or power-assisted lift chairs), countertops, office furniture, laboratory tables, etc. or anywhere AC power is needed. The unique pop-up feature allows users to access receptacles only when needed. The cover snaps closed when not in use, reducing the above-floor height to only 5/16″. http://www.garvinindustries.com/


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