Spicing Things Up in the Kitchen

There are small places in your kitchen where adding a spice rack can make your life more organized.

You may not be a master chef, But you love to cook. Using just the right spices will make your meals special. Being able to find those spices when they are needed can be a challenge.

Check out some of the many great options for organizing your spices for easy access when you want them. Consider adding these to the list for your kitchen remodel or you can add some in at any time.


Adding a rack to this kitchen drawer makes it a perfect place for your spices.




This free’d up 2 whole shelves in our cabinets. Before, I had just a shelf above the stove that held a few jars of random. I chose blue & teal over the front because I wanted color, but I wanted to keep it old looking.


Coke bottle spice rack project-4


Coke bottle spice rack project-2



This door spice rack is a simple DIY project for the back or a pantry door. Made with just simple 1x pine.

spice rack pantry door



The end of an island is a great place to tuck a spice rack in a shallow kitchen cabinet

Spice rack in a shallow cabinet from Dura Supreme Cabinetry is a perfect choice for a kitchen island or the end cap of your cabinets.


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Need More Kitchen Storage?

Adding more kitchen storage can be an expensive endeavor. You need to move things around, buy new cabinets, or even a complete overhaul.

There is extra space hiding in your kitchen that you can take advantage of without doing any major renovations.

The toe kick is the space at the bottom of your cabinets that is set back from the face of the cabinet and the doors, it is there to help prevent you from smashing you toes into the base of the cabinet when you are working on the counter top.

Behind the piece of wood that makes the face of the toe kick look pretty is an empty cavity with nothing but air.

Making use of that space with a toe kick drawer will add storage space for things like baking pans, cleaning supplies, storage bags and wraps and many other items. We’re sure you will find things to fill them with.


Without tearing apart your whole kitchen you can install a Toe Kick Drawer, or many of them if you would like, in that dead space.


Toe Kick Drawer


Photo source: Davisville Kitchens

If you are doing a total remodel you can have them built right into the cabinets when you order them.

In your existing kitchen you can also retrofit your existing cabinets and use all that space for needed storage.

Will it work with my cabinets?

The vast majority of kitchen cabinets are similar to the ones we show here, with sides that extend to the floor (see Photo 1). But there are a few rare exceptions. Some cabinets, for example, stand on legs rather than the cabinet sides. Open the cabinet doors and take a look at the bottom of the cabinet box. If you see screw heads or holes near the corners, your cabinets probably stand on legs rather than the cabinet sides (the screws or holes allow for height adjustment). In that case, installing drawers will require different steps than we show here.If your cabinets are constructed like ours, you can install drawers just as we did. There are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • If the cabinet is more than 30 in. wide, consider installing two drawers rather than one. Wider drawers tend to bind as you slide them in or out.
  • Your drawers will be shallow; don’t expect to store kettles in them. A 4-in.-high toe space will give you storage space that’s about 3 in. deep.
  • You can install drawers under a sink cabinet (or a bathroom vanity). But if the sink’s plumbing runs through the bottom of the cabinet, the drawers will have to be shorter.
Figure A: Drawer Unit

The drawer, cradle and slides form a complete unit that’s simple to build and easy to install under a cabinet.

Figure A: Illustration of drawer details

Figure A: Illustrates the drawer’s details.

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7 Awesome Country Kitchen Islands

Looking to add more space to your country kitchen for not a whole lot of money? Finding an old dresser hanging around or in a local garage sale will do the trick.


Old furniture can be cleaned up and re-purposed to add new charm and space to your kitchen.

Check out some of these great projects and spark your creative side.

  1. This sweet weathered look old dresser will make an awesome country kitchen island.


photo courtesy of theperfectdecor.com


2. Paint up an old dresser and add some hooks to hold your utensil and stuff to make this great rolling island.

dresser to kitchen island

Photo thanks fromgroupon.com


3. Who would have thought about turning an old filing cabinet into a island for your kitchen.

File cabinet island

Check it out at http://www.curbly.com

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DIY Dishwasher Replacement

If it is time for a dishwasher replacement, whether the current one stopped working or you decide it is time to replace it. Removing the old dishwasher and installing a new one is a project most DIY homeowners can accomplish without too much trouble. You will need a few tools and some basic knowledge of plumbing and electric.

Most dishwashers come in standard sizes so you can easily install a new one without any cabinet modification.

A few issues that you could possibly come across are:

  • New flooring was installed without the cabinets or appliances being moved and you may have a height issue when you try to replace the dishwasher.
  • The dishwasher was installed before the countertop and they did not make a big enough hole in the cabinet to get the hoses through.
  • If you have a granite or other stone countertop, the mounting clips may have been epoxied to the top, or it may be screwed to the cabinet on the side of the dishwasher.

Here is a great video from house-improvements.com with step-by-step procedures on replacing your dishwasher.

Five Important Forms Of Maintenance That No Homeowner Should Ever Overlook

Home Maintenance

As a homeowner, there are a lot of things that you can do to control your ownership costs. Foremost among these is to practice diligent maintenance. Good property maintenance can prevent minor issues from spiraling out of control. It also give you the chance to spot potential problems and prevent them from ever occurring at all. The following are five things that every property owner should do to protect his or her investment.

Schedule a whole house plumbing inspection at least once per year. During these visits, plumbers walk through the entire house and search for signs of leaks that are hidden or slow. These might be hiding behind your appliances or your drywall. If they aren’t identified and resolved early on, they can cause a considerable amount of property damage.

In addition to preventing water damage, these inspections can also stave off problems with mold. Having unchecked moisture behind your walls can result in the proliferation of mold, mildew and other harmful organisms. Not only will these devalue critical building materials and structures, but they can also wreak havoc on the indoor air quality, which will be problematic for those with chronic respiratory issues.Image result for laundry room

Have major household appliances serviced. Slow and hidden leaks are most commonly caused by faulty appliance connections. A quick look at the related hoses and other attachments is a great way to protect your flooring and baseboards from preventable floods. Having your water pressure checked can also extend the lifetime of these investments by limiting the amount of wear and tear that they’re subjected to.

Invest in a home warranty that pays for various forms of maintenance assistance. Making sure that you have a feasible plan for taking care of essential upkeep is critical, especially if you are already overwhelmed by the costs of owning a home. These service agreements can be structured to pay for one to two routine visits from plumbers, electricians and appliance technicians among other contractors.

Have a professional landscaper check your backyard for fast-growing tree roots or weeds that could compromise your plumbing system. These can permeate clay pipes at the property exterior and cause whole-house back-ups. You can divert piping systems away from tree roots ad invasive weeds or you can switch dated, clay pipes out with more advanced materials.

Schedule a roofing inspection and annually and have your gutters and downspouts thoroughly cleaned at least twice per year. These efforts will keep your roofing substrate from being constantly subjected to standing pools of water during the wettest months of the year. Anything that you can do to keep water moving efficiently off of this surface will invariably improve its lifespan.

If you have any water features on your property, double check any safety measures that you’re using to ensure continued efficiency. If you don’t have pool fencing installed, make sure to get this critical barricade up to limit liability and check small children. Should one of these structures already exist, have it inspected by a licensed professional to identify any shortcomings or needed repairs.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Diana_L_Spencer/1476913


You Really Need a Fire Extinguisher!

Fire Extinguisher

No home should be without at least one fire extinguisher, for a larger home multiple extinguishers is the best plan.

Fire Extinguisher

Installing one in the Kitchen, Garage, Laundry Room and Work Shop should be a priority, but having one in your bedroom is also a good idea in case a fire breaks out in the middle of the night.

Educating yourself and your family on where the fire extinguishers are and how to properly handle them before a fire starts could keep a small fire from becoming a full house fire.

Fire extinguishers are fairly easy to use, but not without first thinking of your safety first.


Have a plan so if a fire breaks out, so you know what to do.

  • Alert everyone in the house and get outside.
  • Call emergency services.
  • Then if the fire has not gotten too big, use the extinguisher, keeping yourself between the fire and an exit so you can get out if things get worse.



Here is a great video on using your fire extinguisher!

How to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

How to Replace Your Kitchen Faucet

In this article we will learn how to replace your kitchen faucet.

There are a few tools you will need to get this project accomplished.

  • An adjustable wrench or a set of open end wrenches.
  • Water pump pliers.
  • Set of deep socket wrenches.
  • A basin wrench may also be necessary to remove the old water lines depending on the faucet.

Many times the bolts holding the faucet in place will corrode and not want to come off, so spraying them with a penetrating oil beforehand will help, sometimes they will need to be busted off.

Here is a great video to help guide you through replacing your faucet.


Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades

Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so we want them to look nice but also be very functional.

Whether it is a small compact kitchen or large open one, there are inexpensive things you can use to make your kitchen better. From painting cabinets to adding some storage space, there are some quick things that can make life more pleasant.

If you are looking to do an inexpensive kitchen upgrade then check out this wonderful article from Remodelista on how you to can transform your kitchen even if you are on a tight budget.

New York City public relations consultant Danielle Arceneaux lived for several years with a soulless, postage-stamp-size kitchen that didn’t jibe with the rest of her Park Slope apartment’s 1920s detailing. She owned the place, but she had little to invest in a remodel. And so, with no experience whatsoever, she courageously took on the kitchen overhaul herself. It was something like deciding to cut your own hair: “I figured if I really messed it up, I could hire someone to do it properly,” she says. Join us for her tale of YouTube how-to videos, borrowed tools, weekend industry, and the power of cosmetic changes. As Danielle reports: “I didn’t replace any appliances or countertops, or move electrical wires or plumbing. It was just an aesthetic facelift.” 

Photography by Manuel Rodriguez via One Kings Lane.



Source: http://www.remodelista.com

With a little thought and research  you could come up with some great ideas to spruce things up!


Easily Repair Your Leaking Faucet.

Having a faucet that drips or runs when the handle is turned off can be annoying and also waste a lot of water and money.

We will show you  how you can easily repair your leaking faucet.

There are many brands of faucets these days, both with 2 handle and single handle styles.

Most Faucets built in the past 30 years use a cartridge system that opens and closes to allow water to flow.

Changing these cartridges is a fairly simple process as you can see from the video below.

One thing to keep in mind, if you know the manufacturer and model of your faucet it will be much easier to get a replacement. Some cartridges come with a lifetime warranty, so check with the manufacturer before spending money to buy one!

Here is a video on how to remove the cartridge by: http://www.homefrontstan.com.

Now the you have your new cartridge, go to page 2 to see how to properly install it.


Kitchen Renovation Could Be Tax Deductible!

When you are thinking about doing some work on your home, you need to consider whether it will fall under the classification of house repair work or house enhancement. This is a crucial difference since house improvements are tax deductible, whereas house repair services are not.

What constitutes a home improvement? In its basic form, it is any task that will add to the quality and for that reason the value of your house. Such jobs would include installing a brand-new fence, setting up a new driveway, complete kitchen area improvement, extending your house to include more space, adding a swimming pool or garage, constructing a deck or porch, adding insulation, installing brand-new heating or air conditioning systems, replacing the roofing, or re-landscaping your lawn. All of these tasks will need capital expenditure, but will contribute to the value of your property and enhance the equity in your home.

House repair service, on the other hand, is a job carried out to avoid the decrease or degeneration of your home, and a subsequent drop in value. The task is required to preserve your home in its existing standard, without making significant additions or enhancements. House repair services include decorating or repainting, taking care of leaks or damages, fixing cabinets and changing components that no longer function.

Normally expenditure on house repair services cannot be used to acquire a tax advantage. There is a possibility that you could integrate your repair services into a home enhancement task and still get a monetary benefit.

If you need refinancing to pay for your house enhancements, it may be recommended to wait for a drop in interest rates. You will be able to subtract the loan points in the same financial year if you obtain and make use of the capital improvement loan or refinance for house enhancements. If you pick not to use the capital to spend for home improvements, the points will be deducted over the life of the loan. Your possible reduction is likewise proportional if you utilize only a part of the loan for house enhancements. The remainder of the points will be subtracted throughout the term of the loan.

Always consult your tax professional when making these kinds of decisions.